Wild Weather and Good Times

I am currently in the middle of the busiest period since going full-time as a landscape photographer. And not even the wet and wild Cumbrian weather is going to stop me from enjoying life to the fullest.

Autumn colour on the River Brathay

Monday 19th October 2020

I did originally have a 1-2-1 booked for this morning but it had to be cancelled due to some of the local restrictions now in place here in the UK.

Ans so, once again, my week has started with a day in the office. This is becoming a bit of a pattern and I am determined to get out with the camera next Monday!

The most interesting job of the day was ordering the print and frame for the commission that I completed recently for Ailsa Parker. Ailsa wanted a photograph of the Rigg on Haweswater to celebrate the engagement of her sister-in-law.

The view of the Rigg and Wood Howe on Haweswater
Ailsa selected this shot of the Rigg and Wood Howe to mark the engagement of her sister-in-law Danni to Alberto.

In the evening I had a Zoom talk with Copeland Photographic Society.

I have to admit I was a little nervous. The club is full of experienced landscape photographers with extensive knowledge of the Lake District. This was going to be my toughest audience so far.

I think it went OK.

Tuesday 20th

I spent most of my day preparing this evening’s video.

Last week I visited Windermere and managed to persuade my mate Tom Maple to have a go a vlogging. It was very odd editing someone else’s footage, much harder than I was expecting.

I think that Tom did a great job and I hope that he sets up his own channel soon.

In the evening I had the second of this week’s camera club talks, this time with Ivybridge & District Camera Club.

It was the first time I have given my ‘My Lake District’ talk, a journey around the Lake District sharing 90 of my favourite locations. It seemed to go down very well and everyone was very complimentary about my photographs which I greatly appreciated.

Wednesday 21st

This morning I had a 1-2-1 with Tess Lowe. Tess and I first met when she attended my workshop in Bude, Cornwall.

The 1-2-1 has been in the diary for ages and I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Tess is a wonderfully warm person with a very dry sense of humour and is a joy to spend time with.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind.

Our original plan was to climb Side Pike near Blea Tarn but the rain was much heavier than forecast so I suggested we try Tarn Hows. The tarn is lined by trees that I hoped would give us some protection from the elements.

Tess soldiered on bravely but her relief when it was all over was plain to see.

Rain at Tarn Hows
Tess and I were faced with difficult conditions for landscape photography when we visited Tarn Hows. We soldiered on as best we could but it was a struggle at times.

Thursday 22nd

I was with Tess for a second 1-2-1 this morning and another change of location. Once again the weather forecast was not good and so we moved from the Old Corpse Road above the Haweswater Reservoir to the River Brathay near Elterwater.

It was raining when we arrived but despite our better judgement we chose to press on. It was a good job that we did. Eventually the rain stopped and we had a thoroughly enjoyable morning’s photography.

We spent quite a lot of time exploring the area around the Skelwith Force waterfall. This included a composition that I have never shot before and one I am keen to attempt as soon as possible.

Tess Lowe taking a shot beside the River Brathay
Tess had better conditions for our second 1-2-1 and we had a surprisingly enjoyable morning dodging the showers.

When Tess and I had finished I headed over to Borrowdale to meet up with Huw Alban who was in the area for a few days.

Borrowdale is a heavily wooded area in the northern Lake District famous for being the wettest place in England. Huw and I were about to find out just how wet!

We met Seatoller and spent some time exploring Johnny’s Wood before eventually making our way up to High Doat. Huw’s optimism that the weather would eventually clear up went unrewarded and we got a proper soaking.

I have always been very honest about how much I struggle with woodland photography. I find it difficult to isolate subjects and make sense of the chaos so it was good to spend some time with someone a little more adept at this genre of photography.

Huw and I did not stop chatting the entire time. Messy about and taking the piss out of each other, embracing the inner 12 year old that most British middle aged men harbour deep inside.

Practising my woodland photography in Borrowdale
It was Huw that spotted this small tree in Johnny’s wood. If left to my own devises I might not have taken the camera out of the bag all afternoon.

Friday 23rd

My final ‘job’ at the end of an extremely busy couple of weeks was to show Scott Ferguson around some of my favourite places in the Lake District.

Scott was stopping over in the Lakes for a day en route from Dartmoor to Dundee. As far as the autumn colour was concerned Scott’s visit could not have been better timed. As far as the weather was concerned… …well, I suspect you are getting the picture.

It was challenging to say the least and although things did clear up in the afternoon he had to endure some pretty wild conditions. He did so with great humour and our day together was a highlight in the most extraordinary fortnight since I went professional.

Scott Ferguson on the banks of Rydal Water
I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Scott as we toured around the eastern, central and northern Lake District. We laughed and joked like old friends and I look forward to seeing him again when I am next down in Cornwall.

Saturday 24th

Today I took the day off, my first in over 2 weeks.

Just as well as the wild weather continued. At one point the wind was so strong that I wondered if there would be any of the autumn colour left.

Despite an unusually busy period I have felt quite restless today, keen to grab my camera and head out. But we need to take a break from photography every now and then and I feel this one was well deserved.

Sunday 25th

I spent most of the morning arranging my next free webinar which will cover how I sell my prints online and will run next Thursday.

Normally I would like to have this all sorted by now but as I have been so busy recently I have only just found the time.

If you would like to attend please register via my events page.

Free webinar eCommerce for Photographers
My next free webinar will be about how I sell my photographs and will cover topics such as catalogue management, payment processing and fulfilment.

7 thoughts on “Wild Weather and Good Times”

    1. Thanks Carey – I am a huge fan of photography in the spring, I love the sense of optimism that you get. But I am also looking forward to the winter months. It’s a great opportunity to stark, minimalist images, particularly when is snows.

  1. Great update Chris. Even though it *issed it down it was still great to catch up with you in person, and I’m chuffed that you liked the image that you created in the woods. After we parted I did head off to Grange and had an explore in the woods near the village, and Dalt Quarry. I even made two videos whilst in there too (although the sound on one of them is a tad on the loud side so I may need to have another go). Hope that the schedule of 121s and workshops continues as I suspect that all areas of England will eventually have to lock down due to Covid, bringing your business to a grinding halt again. I’ve signed up for the webinar which will be very interesting. I had my work in an art gallery in Northamptonshire for 6 years and have to admit that I found it a real challenge to sell prints – greetings cards and postcards were no issue, but the larger stuff always took more time to move. All the best fella.

    1. Hi Huw, it was great to see you again and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Borrowdale even if we did get soaked. Looking forward to seeing you on the call on Thursday, should be an interesting one. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    I experienced some of the ‘weather’ that the Lakes offers on the Wednesday – after an early start, I arrived as the heavens opened but decided to continue with my plan and got a couple of decent shots at Clappersgate before moving on to Elterwater for the afternoon.
    I got lucky with the weather in the afternoon – sunshine – but didn’t get any pics that I was happy with so made my way to Grasmere where the returned for the evening and I decided, having looked at the forecast for Thursday, to cut my trip short.
    A 500 mile round trip for a couple of shots – I’ll happily do that any day!
    Already signed up for the next webinar and looking forward to “meeting” you.

  3. Looks like you’ve had a busy week Chris, I watched your YouTube i think Ailsa’s photo looks Great I’d of picked your third photo but it’s all down to preference , Fourteen years 👏🏻 Well done not quite mine and hubby’s Thirty but keep going .

  4. Hi Chris: I am so happy to read that this fall session is keeping your busy. I only hope that this positive trend will continue for you as long as possible. While 2020 has been a very unusual year indeed and I can’t wait for it to be over.

    That being said, I am confident that the way you have built a loyal following as well as your expanding income streams will allow you to look back and simply say that you have built a strong business model.

    Cheers, Keith

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