We’re on the Move

My website is changing and my blog is off to a new home.

At the beginning of the month I made the decision to start work on a new website, one that is both cheaper and easier to maintain than my current one.

That new website, whilst still a work in progress, went live just before Christmas. You can check it out by visiting chrissale.photography.

Part of this process of rolling out this new website will be decommissioning the existing one, including moving my blog to a new platform. You will be able to find it at chrissalephoto.blogspot.com.

To read what I got up to over the Christmas period check out my latest post.

– Chris, December 2020

2 thoughts on “We’re on the Move”

  1. Really smart on both fronts Chris. Left a comment on your new blog, but it was published with an “Unknown” user name. Need to check that out next time. All the best for 2021 fella. Stay safe and keep warm.

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