The Weather Won’t Beat Me!

Things are really starting to pick up for my business after a tough time during lockdown. In recent weeks I have had quite a few bookings for 1-2-1s and it feels good. Not even the typically inclement Cumbrian summer can put a dampener on things!

The drystone wall about Tewet Tarn

Monday 13th July 2020

The reality of being a full-time landscape photographer is that you spend 90% of your time in the office.

A very large proportion of my time in front of the computer is spent replying to emails or managing my various social media accounts.

My usual routine for a Monday appears to be:

  • Scheduling social media posts for the coming week
  • Responding to comments on the video that went live on Friday
  • Editing the video that is to be released on Tuesday

It is starting to get a bit monotonous. It’s a good job I absolutely love what I do! 🙂

Tuesday 14th

This morning we recorded the final episode of series 1 of On My Watch List.

We started filming at 07:00 in order to accommodate this week’s guest host, Mali Davies. Usually a very excitable chap Mali was quite subdued, probably because of the early start.

We seem to be getting the hang of thinsg and filming went smoothly. I am very proud of the series that we have out together and the final episode will be released on Wednesday 5th August.

Jules and I are now going to take a short break before starting work on series 2. If you have any ideas for how the show could be improved please drop me a line using the contact form on my about page.

Wednesday 15th

The curse of Wednesday strikes again!

After last week’s 3 hour round trip to Wast Water that yielded nothing, this week it was a climb to the top of Arthur’s Pike… …twice.

As usual I left home around 03:00 to give myself time to climb to the summit for sunrise. Not that there was one.

It was pretty gloomy as I reached the top and I was just starting to film it started to rain. I waited it out as long as I could before descending, utterly drenched.

But by the time I had reached the bottom it appeared to have cleared up. So I cursed myself for giving up so easily and climbed all the way to the top again.

Of course you can guess what happened next. At least this time I managed to get one shot on the way up.

The view of Ullswater from the lower slopes of Arthur's Pike obscured by the advancing rain.
It’s out there somewhere – the view of Ullswater is obscured by the advancing rain.

Thursday 16th

Generally I do not like to admit defeat and so this morning I was back on Arthur’s Pike.

Fortunately this time the rain stayed away and I was able to take in the wonderful views of Ullswater.

While I was up there I decided to shoot a video about attempting to put more feeling and emotion into my photography. It was an idea given to me by Huw Alban and the video was my little way of saying thank you for all the support that he has given me since I went full-time.

There is so much potential here that I have decided I will return at a later date, probably around sunset.

The view of Ullswater from Arthur's Pike
What a difference a day makes – the view of Ullswater from Arthur’s Pike is well worth a third visit at some point in the very near future

Friday 17th

Today has been an extremely busy day.

I was up early this morning, not to head out with the camera, but for a Skype call with fellow landscape photographer Ewan Dunsmuir.

Ewan has been a professional landscape photographer for a number of years and very kindly offered to share some of his experiences with me. It was an offer that I could not refuse.

Originally from Orkney in Scotland Ewan is now based in New Zealand, 11 hours ahead of the UK hence the early start.

Although he’s someone that I have looked up to for a while now this was the first time that we had spoken. I’d had heard through mutual acquaintances that he was a top bloke I was still surprised at just how open and helpful he was.

After the call with Ewan I had 3 back to back Skype mentoring sessions. They are proving to be a really good way of connecting with photographers from all over the world.

Finally, to end the day I had my first 1-2-1 session since lockdown.

I met Adam Henderson at Tewet Tarn and we spent a happy few hours photographing the views from Low Rigg. Conditions were pretty murky and at times extremely windy but it was good to finally be able to resume helping others with to develop their photography.

Adam Henderson braving the elements on a typical summer's evening in the Lake District
Adam Henderson braves the elements on a typical summer’s evening in the Lake District

Saturday 18th

I have been working pretty hard recently and so Mrs Sale persuaded me to take the day off.

We decided to take a drive to the coast and spent a couple of hours searching the beach for sea glass. It was wonderful to get away from photography for a few hours.

Sunday 19th

I enjoyed myself so much at St John’s in the Vale last Sunday that I decided to return this morning.

This time I climbed up to the summit of High Rigg for the views of Skiddaw and Blencathra.

Just as last week cloud on the horizon snuffed out the sunrise. And just as last week I was treated to some wonderful side light once the sun had cleared Clough Head.

Generally I don’t feel that the images were as good as last weeks but keep you eye on Instagram for one of my favourite shots of the summer so far.

The view from the summit of High Rigg
Not as good as the shots from Low Rigg last week but not a bad effort from the summit of High Rigg

14 thoughts on “The Weather Won’t Beat Me!”

  1. Hello Chris. Another massive thank you for the shout out on your video and for the mention here. I was genuinely chuffed to bits on Friday, and the same again today. You are most welcome for the support. My heart went out to you when Covid struck and you updated your audience on the impact. It was just so unfair for someone that had planned so carefully. On the subject of weather, there was a phrase I heard or read somewhere years ago that went something like “there is no such thing as bad weather for photography, just poor imagination” and it is a phrase that rolls around in my head every time I head out and it rains. I’ve been watching the forecast closely for w/c 27th and it looks like I might encounter some of the wet stuff so have been planning my locations accordingly. Still a bit of a gamble, but I’m coming as prepared as I can be. The image from Low Rigg with the side light is just gorgeous. I’ve been to Tewet Tarn before, and I have to admit that I struggled there too, but having seen some of your images there I am tempted to give it another visit. All the best sir. Hope that the 121s continue to grow.

    1. No need to thank me Huw, it is my pleasure. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds out for you. The forecast up here is so unreliable that I generally don’t pay much attention to it these days. I am getting out at every opportunity at the moment. If I stay dry then that is a bonus! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris thanks for sharing your experiences intresting insite into your week. And again some lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Shane, it really is a pleasure. I enjoy sharing my journey with everyone. The support that I get is invaluable! I really wouldn’t be in the position that I am if it wasn’t for the confidence that I get from the positive feedback I receive, both here and on my YouTube channel.

  3. Hey Chris, glad to hear things are starting to pick up again for you, I can imagine how stressful that has been. I down in NZ but the next time I’m in the UK I’ll be keen to do a 1-2-1 with you. It has been too long since I was last in the Lake district (1993) and I can’t think of a better to revisit it.

  4. Getting up at 3:00 am for anything shows great commitment. I’m happy to know that your business is picking back up. Your blog post comes at a time when we need a reminder that our collective sacrifices are needed to overcome this health crisis. I caught that IG image – indeed, a super one. Enjoy being busy!

    1. Cheers Miguel – how are things over there. I am not sure how much of the news we can trust these days but it does look good to those of us that are watching from a distance.

    1. I hope so Jon – I think it has been as tough a time for the industry as I can imagine. On the bright side it does seem as though there are a lot of people dying to get out there with their cameras once things return to normal.

  5. Hi Chris – Covid came at a really bad time for your new business but I’m delighted to hear that things are picking up again now.
    I’ve followed Ewan Dunsmuir from the start of his youtube channel and apart from his work being outstanding I love to hear how his Orcadian accent hasn’t deserted him after years in NZ ! Hope you enjoyed your conversation with him.
    All the best and hope tomeet up again soon


    1. He is such a lovely guy, so generous with his time and so willing to help out a fellow professional (that sounds a bit weird doesn’t it?) .

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