The Weather Gods are Against Us?

We landscape photographers are at the mercy of the weather. But what the weather gods take with one hand, they give back in spades with the other!

Monday 25th November

It rained on Thursday.

It rained on Friday.

It rained all weekend.

Surely it won’t rain today will it?

Yep! 🙁

Tuesday 26th

I don’t want to say too much just yet but today I started a new project that I have been planning for a while.

It has become obvious to me that the people that I can help the most are those that are just starting to get into landscape photography.

With that in mind I have started work on a series of videos for YouTube that I hope will be released in the New Year.

Wednesday 27th

After being stuck in the office for 6 days straight because of poor weather this morning I was itching to get out with the camera.

My plan was to visit locations that were on the list for my hand of man project. Unfortunately “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry”.

My first destination was to be Side Pike in the Langdale Valley but as I was passing Windermere I could see a layer of mist hanging over the lake. I had to stop.

A small wooden sailing boat shrouded in the mist that hangs over Windermere
Moondancer – this small wooden sailing boat makes for a wonderful photographic subject.

✓ – Beautifully simple scene, conditions that photographers dream of

✓ – Pleasing primary subject

✕ – Using a shorter focal length would have allowed me to include more negative space exaggerating the misty conditions

After I had finished at Windermere I continued on to my original destination. My plan was to park at the National Trust carpark at Blea Tarn and to climb Side Pike.

My route took me past the tarn. Without a breath of wind in the air the reflections were perfect.

Perfect reflections on Blea Tarn in the central Lake District
When reflections are this good on Blea Tarn you just have to stop to take a shot!

✓ – Perfect conditions once again

✓ – Simple, uncluttered foreground

✕ – Does the rock really add anything to the composition?

Eventually I made it to my original destination.

I wanted to find a shot that included the drystone wall that runs through the middle of Side Pike. Unfortunately I could not find a composition that included the Langdale Pikes where the wall did not draw the eye out of the frame.

I had to settle for my usual composition. The last time I was here I felt that the shot that I got was too tight on the Pikes. This time I wanted to include more of the valley below.

The Langdale Pikes from Side Pike
The Langdale Piles from Side Pike – an improvement over my last visit?

✓ – If at first you don’t succeed…

✓ – Better composition than on my last visit

✕ – Lacks direct light on the majority of the subject

While I was out filming on Side Pike I had a notification that I had received a rather generous donation from Terry Williams on my ko-fi page.

Ko-fi is a social media platform that allows creators to collect donations from their followers in order to achieve certain goals. I recently set up a page to help me to raise enough money to buy the frames that I will need for my first exhibition.

I find it very humbling when people are so generous. I am extremely lucky to have people that are so willing to help me to achieve my dreams.

Thursday 28th

Today I spent the day with David Jenner who hired me to lead him to the top of Low Fell so that he could get the classic shot of Crummock Water.

David is an experience photographer who specialises panoramas that transition from day to night.

It is rare to meet someone with whom I have so much in common. We chatted all the way to the top and all the way back down again.  Music, politics, comedy, beer and sport; the staple diet of the middle aged man.

I enjoyed myself so much that I found ‘settling up’ at the end to be rather uncomfortable.

Photographer David Jenner on Low Fell overlooking L
David Jenner on Low Fell – earning a living should not be this much fun

Friday 29th

One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you can take as much holiday as you like.

Physically it has been a hard year for Mrs Sale who runs her own gardening business. She is in need of a break so we are taking the opportunity to spend a few days with her step father in Cornwall.

To make the most of our time down here I have arranged a workshop with Tom Peters at Rame Head on Sunday.

Saturday 30th

We all need a break from photography every now and then so my wife and I took my father-in-law out for lunch.

Helen chose a fantastic restaurant on the coast road with wonderful views out to sea. From our table the skyline was dominated by Rame Head, the location for tomorrow’s workshop.

Sunday 1st

Great workshop on Rame Head this morning.

Tom and I were blessed with good conditions and even better people for our first paid workshop.

Afterwards we sat down and discussed what workshops we want to run together in future. We have agreed on a varied itinerary for 2020; I look forward to confirming details of our plans in the coming weeks.

Landscape photography workshop on Rame Head
Seb, Phil, Owen and Lynn photographing the chapel at Rame Head

It has been a busy week.

At times it has been fun. At times it has been frustrating.

But it has never been boring.

12 thoughts on “The Weather Gods are Against Us?”

  1. Thanks Chris! I agree with your thoughts on the boat and rock, still very nice images. Langdale looks like an amazing place. Nothing like that in NY. How long a hike to get up there I wonder? Look forward to the video on this one. Ciao!

    1. Hi Miguel, thanks mate. I am pleased with my images of the boat and of Blea Tarn but there is always room for improvement. Providing a critique of my own images helps me to get my thoughts in order. The climb up Side Pike to get that view of the Langdales is less than 30 minutes. It might not be very high but it is quite technical. One of the best short climbs in the whole of the Lake District in my opinion. One for the list for when you eventually make it over here! 🙂

      1. Absolutely! On a related note, Paul Hammet’s video showed up on my YT feed, which included his time with you. Not sure if it’s the same location but excellent spot as well. See you soon!

  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for all the work your putting into your work.

    I too am in mid-forties and looking for the career change. Il be following you closer for the inspiration and the proof it can be done.

  3. Chris,

    Nice shots of the dinghy and the Langdales, Low Fell & Crummock are some of my favourite locations, due to staying at the farm you can see by David’s bum.

    At this time of year I tend to suffer from antsy-photo syndrome (a well known made up complaint), due to shorter days, work getting in the way and ruddy rain. Does anyone else get this?

    Looking forward to see what 2020 events you’re doing.


    1. Hi Justyn, I am in the middle of a bit of a barren spell myself actually. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have been out to shoot, mostly because of poor weather. I must say I have found it extremely frustrating. What’s worse is the forecast for the rest of this week looks poor as well. 🙁

  4. Finally some proof that the bad weather is NOT only on weekends! Looks like a rather productive day out on Tuesday starting with the lone boat. I particularly like the Blea Tarn shot. That water is so calm and the reflection is perfect. I like the foreground boulder–the shot probably works with our without it, but I do like it.

    Nice to see that you are extending your reach beyond the Lake District for some future workshops. It seems that you and Tom get on quite well. Looking forward to the upcoming vlogs. Cheers mate!

    1. Hi mate – yeah, I was pretty pleased with the shots that I got at Windermere and Blea Tarn. Not sure I am a fan of the boulder, I think I prefer the shot without it that also appeared in the video. I get on well with Tom, our workshops so far have been pretty successful and we make a good team.

  5. Absolutely! On a related note, Paul Hammet’s video showed up on my YT feed, which included his time with you. Not sure if it’s the same location but excellent spot as well. See you soon!

  6. Hi Chris enjoyed you vlog/pictures as usual .You certainly make the most of where you live!
    Think you might enjoy Sean Tucker s latest vlog ,it’s about Rachael Talibart

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