The Star of the Show

I knew fame would come to me eventually! This week I got to star in my very own documentary about my life as a professional landscape photographer.

Near perfect reflections on the Thirlmere Reservoir

Monday 5th October 2020

Another typical Monday in the office, editing photos and video and replying to email.

One of the more interesting tasks for the day was to create a shop for my prints on Instagram. It is part of my long term strategy to use Instagram to promote my print sales so it was good to get it set up.

Another job was to setup a page sharing my mini vlogs that I have been releasing to Ko-fi.

I have been asked by a company called Modula (who make plugins for WordPress) to produce a video showcasing their image gallery plugin.  This was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I was impressed. You can see my efforts here.

Tuesday 6th

I was on top of Great Mell Fell this morning to witness an incredible sunrise. What a start to the day!

I rarely shoot into the sun but this was something that I just had to try to capture. It was also an opportunity to try out my new reverse grad. You can see how I got on in the video below.

Kase Reverse Grad
Click the image to watch the video.

Wednesday 7th

This morning I was at Derwent Water. My plan was to make my way to Manesty Park to practice my woodland photography.

But before that I took the opportunity to do a comparison between the Lee Little Stopper and the Kase Wolverine ND64. I knew that the Little Stopper has a blue colour cast but I wasn’t prepared for just how pronounced it is.

You can see for yourself by watching this short video.

Lee Little Stopper v Kase Wolverine ND64
Click the image to watch the video.

When I got home I did some work on my K0-fi page. There have been some new features added recently which I wanted to take advantage of.

I started by adding all of my prints to the shop section. I was so impressed by the functionality of the Ko-fi shop that I found myself wondering if I need to maintain a shop on my own website.

After that I updated the commissions section. I will now be accepting commissions for both photos and video.

Thursday 8th

I have always felt that my success as a landscape photographer will rest on my ability to think outside of the box. I do not just want to follow what everyone else is doing. I want to be innovative and to try different ways of generating an income.

With that in mind I had an exciting idea for an entirely new income stream. I don’t want to say too much at this stage but I spent most of the day researching my potential new venture.

Friday 9th

I was at Rydal Water this morning for a 1-2-1 with Keith Hamilton. Conditions were a little challenging and we got soaked right at the end but there was still some good shots to be had.

Autumn at Rydal Water
The boathouse on Rydal Water – the autumn colours are developing nicely in the central Lake District.

When Keith and I were finished I had to dash home to meet my good mate and fellow landscape photographer & YouTuber Julian Baird. Jules is up in the Lake District to film a video for his channel so it’s a great excuse to catch up.

We met up with another friend of mine, Stephen Kennedy, for a shoot at the Haweswater Reservoir. After climbing up to the top of the Old Corpse Road it was clear that the shot that I had in mind wasn’t going to work so we decided to try somewhere else.

So that is how I found myself stood on top of Great Mell Fell for the second time in a week.

It was howling a gale, absolutely freezing and the light just would not play ball. I was happy just to spend time chatting to my mates so ended up returning to the car without taking a single shot.

As Julian commented at the time, “the more experienced you are the fussier you become”.

Saturday 10th

The three of us met at Thirlmere this morning to start work on Julian’s film.

He is producing a documentary about my life as a professional landscape photographer. Jules is always coming up with different ideas for videos and I am keen to support him in any way that I can. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to hang out with one of my best mates for the day.

The idea behind the video is for Julian to capture a typical day in my life, starting with a 1-2-1 on location somewhere in the Lake District. Stephen has joined me for both workshops and 1-2-1s in the past and we have become friends. As we know each other quite well he was the perfect choice to take part in the film.

Julian Baird interviewing Stephen Kennedy for his film about my life as a professional photographer
Julian interviewing Stephen for his documentary about my life as a professional landscape photographer

Once we were done Julian and I went back to my house to do some more filming before meeting up with Stephen at Derwent Water.

For this part of the documentary Julian was going to film me vlogging, a nod to how incredibly important social media is to my business.

I have to admit for the second evening in a row I really struggled, only settling on a shot that I was happy with at the very last moment. It has became very clear to me that I find photography far harder at sunset than I do at sunrise. Another thing for me to work on.

The view south from Crow Park on Derwent Water
I am pretty pleased with this shot of Derwent Isle but that evening shoot with Julian and Stephen has made me think that I need to practice shooting at sunset.

Julian and I finished off he day with some filming at home. I will share his documentary on my YouTube channel and in my blog when it is finished.

Sunday 11th

Before Julian took the long drive from Cumbria to his home in Exeter there was time for just one more shoot.

We met Stephen back at Derwent Water. Jules was hoping to get a panorama of Cat Bells and Barrow from the beach at Strandshag Bay but unfortunately things did not work out.

You can see what I got up to in this short video that I filmed.

Landscape photographer at Derwent Water
Click the image to watch the video.

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  1. It looks like you had a hectic week. The photo of the boathouse on Rydal Water is super. You can see that the foliage is starting to change. No reflection of the sky in the photo, so you would never have known it was about to rain. Looking forward to the documentary. Was Julian taking a page out of a Hitchcock movie with his cameo appearance in the Orange & Blue video?

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