The Future is Bright?

Despite the obvious impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on my business I have a feeling that the future is bright. My new found love of black and white photography means that I can continue to shoot once the light is past its best and I have new plans for my YouTube channel.

Dawn in Ralfland Forest

Monday 25th May 2010

Today was a bank holiday. I have to be honest I had forgotten, a side effect of working 7 days a week I suppose.

It was only when I saw 2 couples whilst out filming in Ralfland Forest that I realised. “It’s like the bloody M25!” I found myself muttering under my breath.

It was a good if not exhausting day. I enjoyed the photography but the wind and constantly changing light made filming a challenge.

In total I must have walked somewhere between 10 and 12 miles across pretty testing terrain. When I got home I was absolutely knackered!

The view of Seat Robert from the lower slopes of High Wether Howe in Ralfland Forest
The view towards Seat Robert from High Wether Howe – Ralfland Forest was unusually busy on Monday, I saw 4 other people in a single morning!

Tuesday 26th

This morning I received a timely reminder that none of us are getting any younger. After yesterday’s exertions I was feeling a little sore.

I had planned to get out to shoot every day this week but as I trudged home after 8 hours in the field yesterday already I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

A day in the office to rest my weary bones.

Wednesday 27th

Today was my worst day since lockdown began. In fact it was probably my worst day since going full-time.

I had intended to finish writing the presentation about my journey to becoming a full-time photographer but I was all to easily distracted. Procrastination has not been something that I have been prone to since leaving my old job.

Perhaps it is just an indication of the impact that coronavirus pandemic has had on me. I have tried to put on a brave face but it hasn’t always been easy.

Eventually I gave up and turned my attention to creating some Lightroom presets. I have been a fair bit more prolific recently and so have a lot more images to edit. This should save me a bit of time.

Thursday 28th

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, being a photographer is a rollercoaster! If yesterday was my worst day since going full-time today has been my best.

I spent the morning exploring the Harper Hills, an area between Shap and the Haweswater Reservoir. Despite having clear blue skies all moring I have a wonderful time.

My new found love for black and white photography meant that I could continue shooting as the sun rose higher in the sky. There is so much contrast in the landscape that I could see compositions almost everywhere that I looked.

Once again, when faced with so much potential, I found that keeping it simple was the best approach.

The cotton grass close to the summit of Hare Shaw in the Harper Hills near Haweswater
I found great beauty in the starkness of the landscape close to the summit of Hare Shaw in the Harper Hills.

Friday 29th

It has taken me over 8 hours to pull together tonight’s video. That has to be some sort of record.

This may in part be due to attempting a voice over for the first time ever. I was reasonably pleased with the end result but I still have a lot to learn if I am going to make it sound natural.

This will only come with practice so from now on I am going to try to include at least one voice over in each video.

Saturday 30th

Although the number of views is low the feedback on yesterday’s video has been good.

People seem to like the new format and the voiceover has been well received. As has the plan to split my channel in half.

Going forward I want to produce 2 distinct types of video.

Tuesday’s videos will be filmed in the Lake District, typically around the edges of the lakes focusing on compositions that I have thoroughly researched. I will shoot with my DSLR mounted on a tripod using filters.

Friday’s videos will be filmed up in the fells as I explore areas for the first time looking for new compositions. I will shoot entirely handheld using my small mirrorless camera.

I hope that by exploring different approaches to photography I will be able to reach a wider audience. I also hope that it will allow me to increase the scope for my workshops and 1-2-1s once they can resume following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sunday 31st

I was up early this morning, not to photograph the sunrise but to confirm the details for my up and coming webinar on Adobe Portfolio.

If you would like to attend please register via my events page.

9 thoughts on “The Future is Bright?”

  1. I think the lockdowns have taken a toll on all of us Chris. Here in Victoria (Aus) today, we were allowed back into restaurants for the first time.

    My wife and I celebrated with Buffalo Wings and craft beer at one of our local favourites. Hopefully you guys aren’t too far behind! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Hi Daniel – I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant. We were booked into L’Enclume (two Michelin starred restaurant near us, my leaving gift for when I left my old job) but had to cancel because of the virus. I hope it won’t be long before they reopen.

  2. Excellent Chris. Thanks again for the positive message. The on-going Covid crisis, and now the civil unrest, has really sapped some of my motivation and inspiration. It’s been very challenging. I’ll look forward to the webinar.

    1. Hi Miguel – sorry for not responding sooner. It must be a very difficult time for you, my thoughts are with you. Hope that you enjoy the webinar, it would be good to get a website up and running for you to share your portfolio with the world.

  3. hi Chris,
    You have made so much progress. Maybe COVID has not done to much damage to your business. It has given you time to reflect on the journey so far. New skills, insight, and an understanding of the beauty on your doorstep. Without lockdown limits, something that would not have happened.

    You have the aptitude and skills to share this passion with so many, which comes through on your vlogs. The new style talk over to me is excellent ( some B roll has been overdone getting out of the car etc ).
    Nature has an incredible way of dealing with the impact we have upon it. Lockdown for nature has been very positive. Many aspects have not done us any harm, hopefully, we can take positive things forward with us.

    Regards Ratty

    1. Hi Ratty, thanks for the kind words mate, you are right of course. I am starting to take stock and adjust my business accordingly. If the coronavirus crisis has taught me one thing it is that it’s too reliant on actually spending time with people (who knew that would ever become a problem). I need to start developing some other income streams.

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