Take Part: Simple Flower Portraits

Are you looking for an easy photography project that you can do indoors? Why not try shooting simple flower portraits using things that you can find around the house!

A simple flower portrait

As lockdown continues here in the UK I am still on the look out for photography projects that I can do around the house.

It seems this week that spring has finally reached us here in the Lake District. So this week I have been trying to shoot simple flower portraits.

At this time of year the Lake District is awash with daffodils. The area is well known for them. There were the inspiration for most famous work of the Lakeland’s most famous son, William Wordsworth.

Flower Triptych

As I normally wouldn’t shoot anything other than landscapes I don’t have a lot of kit for this type of photography. Therefore I was forced to limit myself to things that I can find around the house.

In order to shoot your own simple flower portraits you will need:

  • a window, ideally away from direct sunlight
  • some grease proof paper
  • some sellotape
  • a vase with a small neck (or alternatively a bottle)
  • some cotton wool
  • some kitchen foil

To see how I used these items to create my simple flower portraits check out the video on my YouTube channel.

The video will be released at 18:00 BST on Tuesday 7th April 2020.

My Effort

I have to be honest I really enjoyed tinkering about in the house photographing these flowers.

The technique is so simple but really effective and I am really pleased with how the photographs turned out.

A simple portrait of a daffodil
My simple flower portrait – I am really pleased with how these shots turned out.

✓ – Simple clean image with no distractions whatsoever

✓ – The backlighting reveals details in the petals that might not otherwise be obvious

✕ – The inner petals (the trumpet?) are not perfectly sharp

Take Part

If you would like to have a go at shooting some simple flower portraits I would love to see them.

You can send me your images using the button below and I will upload my favourites to this page.

Your Images

My favourite of the simple flower portraits that you have send to me will appear here. Please bear in mind it usually takes me a couple of days to get the first ones uploaded.

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