Take Part: Lockdown Selfie

Many of us across the globe find ourselves in lockdown as we try to stop the spread of coronavirus. Unable leave the house we must look for photography projects that we can do indoors. This week I have been trying multiple exposure selfies.

Lockdown self created by blending multiple exposures

Today is day 11 of lockdown in the UK. Aside from a few snaps I have been able to take while on my daily walk I haven’t taken any photographs since lockdown began

For many of us photography is not something that you can just turn off. You can’t just stop being a photographer.

Photography is like and itch that needs to be scratched.

At the moment I am constantly looking for ideas for things that I can try around the house. This week I was inspired by something that I saw on Twitter.

Wayne Griffiths

Wayne is a photographer based in Dunedin, New Zealand that I have been following for a while on Twitter.

Mostly I enjoy seeing his landscape images taken of the south island. However, recently Wayne started a new serious that really caught my attention.

Since the lockdown was introduced in New Zealand Wayne has started to post multiple exposure selfies taken around his house.

What I really like about Wayne’s images is that he has managed to capture exactly what it feels like to be me to be stuck in the house. The have a certain restless quality to them.

To me they tell the story of man that is trying to keep himself busy. I am sure that most of us can relate to that.

Wayne Griffith's lockdown selfie
My inspiration: Wayne’s images have a restless quality to them; certainly something that I can relate to at the moment.

My Efforts

Now if you watch my YouTube channel you will probably know that I love a good selfie. I was so inspired by Wayne’s images that I decided to have a go for myself.

I am pretty pleased with my attempt, I think it works well.

However, if feel it lacks the feeling of restlessness that I got from Wayne’s original. I think it has a more melancholy feel to it that probable reflects my mood at the time.

Lockdown self created by blending multiple exposures
My effort at a lockdown selfie. It lacks the feeling of restlessness that I got from Wayne’s original but I am pretty please with the result.

If you would like to see the process that I went through to create my lockdown selfie check out the video below.

Take Part

Thank you to everyone who sent me their selfies. Submissions are now closed.

I have received over 50 most of which you can see below. Unfortunately I have not been able to upload all of them as some where too big.


Your Lockdown Selfies

Julian Baird

Multiplicity selfie by Julian Baird

Chris says…

“Have to admit I was shocked when Jules sent me his selfie, it’s just not really his thing. But then he has always been the first person to support me in whatever I do so I shouldn’t have been surprised.”

Chris Cockcroft

Multiplicity selfie by Chris Cockcroft

Chris says…

“I love the inclusion of Chris’s partner in his lockdown selfie. It reminds me that although these are difficult times some of us are fortunate to be sharing it with a special person.”

Paul Ross

Lockdown selfie by Paul Ross

Robert Curtis

Lockdown selfie by Robert Curtis

Simon Norton

Lockdown selfie by Simon Norton

James Hart

Lockdown selfie by James Hart

Chris says…

“I love the creativity in this shot from James which shows him taking on himself at Dungeons and Dragons. I also find it rather poignant, reminding me how we are all probably missing the people that we would normally share our passions with.”

Paul Lewis

Lockdown selfie by Paul Lewis

Phil House

Lockdown Selfie by Phil House

Chris says…

“I first met Phil when he attended one of my workshops at the end of last year. I love the humour in his shot. It reminds me that a little laughter will help us get through these difficult times.”

FMc Photography

Lockdown selfie by FMC Photography

Chris says…

“I really appreciate the extra effort to wear different outfits and to take part in different activities. Little touches like including the camera on the table also add to the narrative.”

John Michelin

Lockdown selfie by John Michelin

Chris says…

“One of my personal favourites. I love how John has taken the time to include my lockdown selfie on the TV. And… …wait a minute… …who’s that photobombing my shot!!!?”

Alex Hogg

Lockdown selfie by Alex Hogg

Jeff Ogden

Lockdown Selfie by Jeff Ogden

Chris says…

“Some of you may recognise Jeff from some of my videos when he was staying with me back in February. I can well relate to the figure on the righthand side!”

John Young

John Young Lockdown Selfie

Jerry Bixman

Lockdown selfie by Jerry Bixman

Mike Jones

Lockdown Selfie by Mike Jones

Lee Churchill

Multiplicity selfie by Lee Churchill

Chris says…

“Although not strictly a ‘selfie’ I love the idea of getting the kids involved. Anything to keep them entertained for a few minutes!”

Morné Snyman

Lockdown Selfie by Morné Snyman

Chris says…

“Another personal favourite. At first glance this looks like a 4 brothers enjoying a family barbecue. It is only when you look really close that you can tell that is is actually the same person.”

Andrew Carr

Lockdown selfie by Andrew Carr

Liam Galashan

Lockdown selfie by Liam Galashan

Richard Davies

Lockdown selfie by Richard Davies

Ian Austin

Lockdown selfie by Ian Austin

Kris Brown

Lockdown Selfie by Kris Brown

Bevlea Ross

Lockdown selfie by Bevlea Ross

Daniel O’Donoghue

Lockdown selfie by Daniel O'Donoghue

Chris says…

“Now here is a name that I recognise! Daniel is a frequent commenter on my YouTube channel and even took part in the ’52 Assignments: Landscape Photography’ that I did a little while ago. Nice to be able to put a face to the name.”

Nick Nichols

Lockdown selfie by Nick Nichols

Neal Staley

Lockdown selfie by Neal Staley

Andrew Owen-Price

Lockdown selfie by Andrew Owen-Price

Scott Buckel

Lockdown selfie by Scott Buckel

Gordon Melrose

Lockdown selfie by Gordon Melrose

Chris says…

“Good to see that my good friend Gordon isn’t wasting his time in lockdown and is getting plenty of work done in the garden. Well, four of him are at least!”

David Leslie Williams

Lockdown selfie by David Leslie Williams

Brian Smith

Selfie by Brian Smith

Chris says…

“Whilst not strictly a lockdown selfie this was too creative not to feature!”

Raymond Powell

Lockdown selfie by Raymond Powell

Gary Kenyon

Lockdown selfie by Gary Kenyon

Alan Dunnett

Lockdown selfie by Alan Dunnett

Graham Ralph Hunneman

Lockdown Selfie by Graham Ralph Hunneman

David James

Lockdown selfie by David James


27 thoughts on “Take Part: Lockdown Selfie”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head mate. Regardless of our respective interests or passions, all of us are struggling to make sense of the “new normal” for as long as that lasts. I’m not much for selfies-I don’t dislike them–I just rarely take one myself. I’ll have a look at your video and maybe I’ll give it a go.

    1. Give it a go mate, see how you get on. At the very least it will help to kill a few hours. It’s also a great way to learn how to blend exposures which might come in handy when all this is over and we can get back outside again.

  2. Great idea, the lockdown hasn’t made a lot of difference to me being a full-time carer for my wife, just back home from another small stroke.

    1. Thanks Wayne, and thanks for the inspiration. I have been blown away by the response. I have had over 30 submissions already. Have been working my way through them and have already uploaded some of them. I think that all look great!

      1. Anytime Chris, your video’s have helped me out heaps with my landscape photography over the last couple of years. Glad I was able to give something back in return, loving the other submissions to

    1. Give it a go Morgan. If anything it relieves the boredom of lockdown for a little while. It is also a nice introduction to blending different shots together if you have never tried that before.

    1. Hi Raymond, I have just finished the first pass through the 41 submissions that I have received so far. I am now going back over the ones that had to be resized.

  3. These are just fabulous! Well done Chris. Thanks for giving us a creative outlet during this challenging time. Cheers.

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