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Many of us shoot predominantly with a wide angle lens. However, with wide angle lenses our choices are rather limited. On a recent visit to Loughrigg Fell in the central Lake District I used my telephoto to increase my options. Now it’s your turn to have a go.

I have recently purchased a wide angle lens and I have to admit I rather like it. However, sometimes when it is on the front of my camera it feels as though there is only one shot that I can take.

This was the case recently when I was on Loughrigg Fell. With the wide angle lens I could only really shoot the view of Grasmere Lake.

However, I knew that switching to my telephoto lens would increase my options. So I decided to play a little game that you can play too.

The rules are simple:

  1. With a wide angle lens (<35mm on a full frame camera) take the best photo that you can of your chosen scene
  2. Switching to your telephoto (>70mm on a full frame camera) take three other photos. These 3 images must be constrained to within the boundaries of the first (wide angle) shot.

If you send me your images I will add them alongside my own to the gallery below. Details of how to submit your images are at the bottom of the page.

Grasmere from Loughrigg Fell in the central Lake District
I didn’t have very good conditions when I visited Loughrigg Fell in the central Lake District.

If you want to take part please get in touch using the form at the foot of this page. I will then send you the instructions on how to submit your images.

Chris, April 2019

The Firth of Forth

by Les Ironside

The sun setting over the Firth of Forth
Sunset © Les Ironside

A creative interpretation of the ‘rules’ by my good friend Les. The main shot was taken on a different day to the others. The wily old fox!

Les is a very experienced photographer who had a very successful career as professional photographer before retiring a few years ago. I was lucky enough to join him last year for a perfect evening of photography. You can read about it here.

Check out Les’s website to see more of his work.


by Theresa Rice

Untitled #1 © Theresa Rice

Photography is hard enough as it is so I only have the upmost respect for those that choose to do it in the dark.

Theresa admits that this was almost a total fail. She can’t to see focus in the dark and has never used her telephoto at night before. Bearing all that in mind I think she has done rather well indeed.

You can see more of Theresa’s work on Instagram.

If you would like to join in the fun and send me some of your images get in touch using the form below.

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