Take Part: Shoot a Triptych

I recently set a friend of mine, Cat, the challenge of shooting a triptych; a set of three images on a shared theme that are intended to be viewed together. It was great fun. Now is your turn to have a go.

I recently paid a visit to Buttermere for a landscape photography 1-2-1 with Cat Ding. While we were there I challenged Cat to shoot a triptych.

A triptych is a collection of three images sharing a common theme that are intended to be viewed together.


by Chris Sale


by Cat Ding

Check out Cat’s Instagram account.

Old Dunfermline

by Les Ironside

Check out Les’s website.

Back Garden Pond

by Martin Cutrone

Check out Martin’s Flickr account.

North Eastern Engineering

by Alex Ditch

Check out Alex’s Instagram account.


by Sven Tegelmo

Check out Sven’s Instagram account.

Buttermere Variety at Cloudy Feb Visit

by Horst Wulf

Check out Horst’s website.

Ynys Llanddwyn – On the Inside

by Mali Davies

Check out Mali’s YouTube channel.

The Matterhorn

by Paul Hammett

Check out Paul’s YouTube channel.

Bodmin Moor

by Tom Peters (aka PhotoNinja)

Check out Tom’s YouTube channel.

Deep Forest Blooms

By Miguel A. Corona

Check out Miguel’s Instagram account.

If you would like to take part please contact me using the form before below for details of how to submit your images.

2 thoughts on “Take Part: Shoot a Triptych”

  1. A wonderful collection of Triptychs. I have a love of making them, always great to see how other approach them.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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