Sharing the Passion

One of the things that I love the most about my job is being able to share my passion for the Lake District and landscape photography with other people. This week I got to do just that in what has to be one of the most fulfilling few days that I have had since going full-time.

The sun rising over Beacon Hill on Orton Scar in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Monday 3rd August 2020

Mrs Sale’s birthday celebrations continued into Sunday and so this morning I awoke feeling a little jaded.

As we still had friends staying with us I promised to take the day off. Probably just as well as the best that I could manage was to drink coffee and try to consume my own body weight in bacon sarnies.

Tuesday 4th

With the Lake District being so busy during August I have made the decision to avoid it as much as possible.

Normally at this time of year I avoid the national park completely. Fortunately this year I have a number of 1-2-1s booked for August so that is not possible. 🙂

And I also have my ‘far eastern fells’ project that has me climbing some of the Wainwright fells close to where I live at least once a week.

But apart for that I want to avoid the Lake District for a little while.

Instead I am going to spend some time exploring part of the Yorkshire Dales. Orton Scar and Great Asby Scar where added to the Dales in 2016 when the boundary was extended in 2016.

I started this morning with a familiar location. The monument on the summit of Beacon Hill on Orton Scar.

I was treated to a wonderful sunrise before it started to rain.

The sun rising over Beacon Hill on Orton Scar in the Yorkshire Dales National Park
The sun rising behind the monument on Beacon Hill – it looked a lot different to this 10 minutes later when the wind and rain arrived.

Wednesday 5th

I gave my ‘My Journey’ talk to Faversham and District Camera Club this evening.

Once again I delivered the talk via Zoom and the feedback that I received was largely very positive.

I would like to do more in the future but still haven’t found the time to start marketing my talks.

If you belong to a camera club and would be interested in having me speak to your members please get in touch via my about page.

Thursday 6th

This morning I decided to climb Tarn Crag in the far eastern Lake District.

I parked at the head of the Longsleddale valley and hiked up via Brownhowe Bottom. It took a lot longer than I had expected and I didn’t make it to the top for sunrise.

This didn’t really matter all that much because when I did finally make it I was greeted by a wonderful cloud inversion.

A cloud inversion viewed from the summit of Tarn Crag
The survey pillar at the summit of Tarn Crag – my 3rd cloud inversion since going full-time last year.

Friday 7th

Back to Great Asby Scar this morning to scout out a few locations ahead of a 1-2-1 tomorrow.

Stephen Kennedy is joining me for 3 shoots in the next 2 days, the last of which on Saturday afternoon will be here on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

There is a lot of potential here and I wanted to add a new location to the handful that I already know.

My eye was drawn to a classic shot of a lone tree surrounded by limestone.

A tree in amongst the Limestone on Knott near Great Asby Scar in the Yorkshire Dales
A lone tree amongst the limestone on Great Asby Scar in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

I returned home from Great Asby Scar reasonably early and spent the rest of the day in the office before meeting Stephen and heading off to Haweswater.

Stephen was looking for some help with composition and the plan for this evening was to explore the derelict cottages above the reservoir. We focused on combining foreground and background elements in order to add depth to a composition.

This will prove very useful indeed for tomorrow morning when we head up Beda Fell near Ullswater.

Stephen Kennedy in the hills above the Haweswater Reservoir
Stephen Kennedy in the hills above the Haweswater Reservoir – we had some very tricky conditions for the first of you three session together. Stephen coped admirably.

Saturday 8th

Stephen and I were up early this morning for our hike up Beda Fell.

We parked at St Martin’s Church and started our ascent in the dark. I found it hard going, far harder than it should have been. Sometimes it’s just like that for me.

Nevertheless we still made it to the summit for sunrise. It was a clear morning and so the best shots came before the sun was too high in the sky.

Afterwards we descended via Dale Head, chatting all the way back to the car (it’s much easier to do that on the way down than it is on the way up).

Stephen and I had first met back in January when he attended one of my workshops at Derwent Water. He is very easy to get along with, fine company and I had been looking forward to today for quite some time.

I was pleased by the progress that Stephen had made during the first 2 sessions and was confident that he already had a few good images.

Stephen Kennedy lines up a shot on the summit of Beda Fell
Stephen on the summit of Beda Fell, just as the sun peaked above Bonscale Pike casting some lovely warm light on our foreground.

I had a few hours before Stephen and I were due to meet for our final session so I grabbed some well needed sleep when I got home.

As the Lakes is so busy at the moment it had been my suggestion that we had an afternoon shoot at Great Asby Scar.

This would be a real test for Stephen. A completely different landscape from the one that we had been working for the past two days. And because of the harshness of the light he’d also have to work in black and white (probably).

To my great delight Stephen came through with flying colours, nailing 2 compositions of the tree that I had scouted yesterday.

And he did so with very little input from me. It was a joy to see.

We parted with plans to meet up again at the end of the month and I am already looking forward to it.

Stephen Kennedy photographing the monument on Beacon Hill
I was so pleased with Stephen’s progress during our time together. He got some very good shots including an excellent black and white of the monument on Beacon Hill.

Sunday 9th

After a busy and at times extremely rewarding few days I decided to have the day off to recover.

I am already looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Sharing the Passion”

  1. Another upbeat update Chris. So excellent to read. Am really happy for you that things are gradually bouncing back, and I’m sure that the more the word gets out there the more approaches you will have. Here in Dorset, apparently, there was awesome mist around Corfe Castle on Friday morning although I completely missed it as I was working until silly’o’clock on Thursday night 🙁 Never mind – there will be more opportunities I am sure. Hope this week stays as productive sir. Don’t forget to pack the factor 50 suncream – it looks like it is going to be a scorcher! All the best.

    1. Hi Huw, so far this week has been pretty much as you predicted. I have never know heat quite like it here in Cumbria. And so muggy. The air is so thick it feels like you could take a bite right out of it. We need a good downpour to freshen everything thing up a bit.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous weekend, the three shoots we had together were a great experience. I learned such a lot and will definitely be back very soon.

    You make the whole experience a joy and above all I had such a lot of fun.

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Stephen – I am so pleased that you enjoyed your times here in the Lakes, I did too. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime I shall keep an eye on IG to see how you are progressing. Keep on putting yourself out there.

  3. I am a little bit late in viewing your blog. Sounds like things are picking up nicely and that is great to hear. When I was reading posts and getting caught up I saw one from Huw Alban, I think that is who wrote it, anyway it was suggesting you should create a video for sale. You would be a good one for that. I’d certainly buy one on landscape photography from you. You have a good laid back style that I believe people can relate to and learn from.

    1. Hi Marvin – I am thinking of creating some videos that are exclusive to my website. Probably a short course on landscape photography covering numerous aspects. They will be free to use but if people find them useful I will of course suggest that they make donations via my ko-fi page. Are there any topics that you would be particularly interested in?

  4. Hi Chris,
    Really enjoyed your YouTube channel seeing how to shoot sharper landscape photos. I use a Nikon and see you use Canon. With that said, I think both are great cameras. What is my point? I still can apply your advice towards my Nikon even though you use Canon cameras. Anyways, I found your website through your YouTube channel. I am a landscape photographer in Utah. I really like your website, seeing it has both blog and shop combined. If I can so bold and ask you… What kind of web hosting do you use and what did you use to setup your website? Is it WordPress? I currently am on Fineartamerica .com site under Martin Paryz. Although, I would like to start my own website. Anyways if you could let me know that would be much appreciated. Cheers mate. 😊

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