Same Joy, Different Week

More glorious weather in the Lake District. More lovely people to share this wonderful landscape with. And more mistakes by yours truly!


Monday 14th September 2020

Today was my birthday so I had that day off. The day mostly involved spending time with Mrs Sale and absolutely no photography whatsoever.

At some point during the day I realised that I am now closer to being 60 than I am to being 30.

That would be a sobering thought if 12 months ago I hadn’t turned my back on the corporate life in order to chase my dreams.

Tuesday 15th

Back to work today with a trip to Buttermere.

It was extremely calm when I arrived so the reflections were near perfect, but the light was oddly flat.

I spent some time trying to capture the peace and tranquility of the morning. You can see how I got on by watching the video below.

Peaceful Buttermere
Click the image to watch the video.

Wednesday 16th

Now we are at the start of autumn I feel as though I need to do some work to improve my woodland photography. With that in mind I headed to Borrowdale.

Once again, if you would like to see how I got on check out the video below.

Borrowdale Video
Click on the image to watch the video.

While I was at Borrowdale I also recorded a piece for my next YouTube video about black and white photography.

I have always struggled in the woodland. I find that hard to eliminate all of the distracting elements from the frame. But I recently had an epiphany!

By shooting in black and white I could remove the distraction of colour, allowing me to focus on shape, texture and patterns.

Could shooting in black and white help me to improve my woodland photography?

Thursday 17th

This morning I made my way to High Oxen Fell. Originally my plan was to spend a little time researching more woodland locations.

Instead I found myself at the top of the curiously named Man Crag. From here I had wonderful views towards Lingmoor Fell.

When I got home I found that I was disappointed by the images. As the skies had been clear I initially dismissed them because of the lighting. But upon reflection I released that the problem was the composition.

I had failed to identify where the interest in the scene was. I had also been guilty of being lazy, plonking a big rock in the foreground and in the hope that that would do.

Man Crag
Where is the interest in this scene? Well, it certainly isn’t in the great big rock plonked in the foreground!

This afternoon I set about organising my next webinar, Filters for Landscape Photography.

If you are interested in attending you can find full details on my events page.

Filters for landscape photography webinar
My next webinar, scheduled for Thursday 24th September, will be about the filters that I use for landscape photography.

Friday 18th

This morning I had a 1-2-1 with Chris Cockroft at Blea Tarn. Conditions were excellent and I hope that Chris got some shots that he is pleased with.

He certainly should have done. Despite having only been interested in photography for a relatively short period of time he already has a wonderful eye for composition.

In just 18 months it seems that he has already reached a level that it took me nearly 10 years to achieve.

You really can go off some people can’t you. 🙂

Chris Cockroft at Blea Tarn
Chris Cockcroft at Blea Tarn – with reflections this perfect you don’t need an eye as good as his!

Saturday 19th

This morning was my autumn workshop on Loughrigg Fell. I was joined by Gareth and Tony for a wonderful morning of photography.

Gareth and I have met before when he joined me for a workshop at Ribblehead earlier in the year so it was great to see him again.

Conditions were superb. We had some wonderful light at the top of the fell and there was even some reflections on Grasmere after we had descended.

Tony and Gareth
Compositions in all directions – Tony and Gareth on Loughrigg Fell

Sunday 20th

Took the day off today to spend time with Mrs Sale.

Being a bit more organised this week and planning ahead has meant that I am in the luxurious position of being ahead with my work.

That is a good feeling.

2 thoughts on “Same Joy, Different Week”

  1. You are very correct about there are a lot of beautiful designs and patterns in nature that do get lost is the colors of nature. I am in Florida and during lockdown here I started going into the woods more so as to be isolated when I was out and about. Everything it seemed was green. So, I started shooting in black and white. It has done two things. First, I have more photos I can edit for sale. Second, it has made me more alert to looking for those patterns and designs in nature. You may remember Chris that a couple of months ago you gave me a tip to set my camera so I could view the scene in black and white as I was shooting. That tip was a big help. I thank you for it.

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