Photos: Tarn Hows

I visit Tarn Hows, one of the most photogenic locations in the whole of the Lake District.

Tarn Hows must be one of the most photogenic locations in the whole of the Lake District. If you can’t find a composition here you just aren’t trying hard enough!

When I first arrived I spent a little time scouting around until I stumbled on a location I had never shot from before. It gave me a great view of the glow on the horizon and with the moon reflecting on the surface of the tarn this has to be one of my favourite shots of 2018 so far.

I noticed these trees as soon as I arrived and wanted to get a shot of them before the sun rose high enough in the sky to cast light directly upon them. In the end I feel that the image is a little flat and I am a little disappointed with it.

As the sun climbed higher in the sky it started to cast is golden light on the trees in front of me making the colours pop. I waited for as long as I could for all of the shadows to disappear but eventually had to take the shot as the wind started to pick up and threatened to ruin the reflections. I’ve called this image the blob – it isn’t my finest work.

Finally one more intimate shot before all of the reflections had gone. I picked out these 3 trees in the distance using my telephoto lens at it’s longest focal length (200mm). Another ‘nothing’ shot – thank goodness I got that first shot with the moon in it!

2 thoughts on “Photos: Tarn Hows”

  1. The importance with this location is arrive early, very early, as you clearly did. I’ve been once and it was very busy but I came away with fairly good intimate shots of Lilly pads from memory. Your telephoto shots are my favourites but I am a very telephoto biased photographer.

    1. Tarn Hows can be a busy place, it is extremely popular. On Saturday I am shooting a video at High Dam, very similar to Tarn Hows but without the crowds. Happy days!

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