Photos: High Dam

What do I really think of my photos from my recent trip to High Dam near Finsthwaite in the Lake District.

I recently visit High Dam near Finsthwaite in the Lake District to film a video about black and white photography, the first time I have ever been out to intentionally shoot black and white images.

This has to be my favourite composition at High Dam. The island in the middle of the tarn makes a wonderful subject and the mist helps to create separation from the background.

For one reason or an other I haven’t taken any selfies for a while so I was keen to get one in the bag. I’ve also had a number of comments about trying a different ‘pose’ so this is what I look like from the front!

So far nothing new, both of these shots would work just as well in colour as they do in black and white. With that in mind I started to look for textures and very quickly spotted the reflections on the other side of the tarn.

Again, this shot probably works just as well in colour but at least we are starting to move in the right direction. What isn’t so good is the lack of a focal point in this photo – just because we are shooting in black and white it doesn’t mean we can forget the basics!

Shooting in black and white can eliminate distracting colours. This shot of the dam wall is more complex than I would normally attempt but converting to black and white helped to simplify a little.

Black and white photography goes hand in hand with long exposures – this shot uses a 120 second exposure time to smooth out the ripples in the surface of the tarn.

I enjoyed shooting in black and white for a change but I still have a lot to learn. However, the exercise has started me thinking about switching full time to black and white as I pursue a more minimalistic approach.

2 thoughts on “Photos: High Dam”

  1. A nice easy read Chris and the island shot is such a striking image with good use of the mist. Reminds me so much of the first time we got together at Thirlmere in very similar conditions. You do have a style that is of simple images and as you say, lends itself to black and white. I think this could be the start of a new photography venture

    1. Thanks very much James. What a great day that was mate, the start of a great friendship built around a mutual love for photography and the Lake District. I do think my style probably lends itself to black and white but I also feel I have a lot of work to do before I am ready to switch over fully. Still, the potential is exciting.

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