Photos: Haweswater Reservoir

A morning shooting one of my favourite scenes in the whole of the Lake District. The Rigg and Rough Crag from Whiteacre Crag on the Haweswater Reservoir.

I recently recorded a video where I shared the 5 things that I have done or am doing in order to become a better photographer. When it came to choosing a location I leapt at the chance to visit the Haweswater Reservoir and photograph one of my favourite views in the whole of the Lake District.

I started with a pretty standard shot showing the Rigg leading up to Rough Crag and then on to High Street. I am not all that happy with the composition; I think I have found better ones in the past.

One of the things that I am trying to do is to simplify my compositions so I moved my camera forward to remove the distracting foreground. Again, I’m not overly happy with the composition; I think it is too tight on the Rigg and could do with a bit more negative space around it.

Another thing I am looking to do to improve my photography is to tell stories with my images. At first I struggled to find one but eventually I hit upon the idea of including a visual clue that Haweswater is reservoir and therefore not a natural feature. Of the three main images this is by far and away my favourite.

Finally, as it’s such a nice scene I thought I’d treat myself to a selfie. I have been trying to cut back but people really seem to miss them if I don’t do one.

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