Photos: Derwent Water

I had long been planning a visit from Sam and Hannah Bose to the Lake District but when the time finally arrived and injured foot limited what I was capable of.

Instead of being able to climb Catbells with them I had to stick to photographing along the shoreline. First stop was Hawes End on the opposite side of the lake to Keswick.

It was Sam that actually first spotted this composition but I was having none of it. “Leave that one for me and get on with climbing Catbells” he was told. It’s an unusual composition for me using both foreground interest and leading lines.

Once I had finished shooting at Hawes End I jumped on the launch and moved on to the beach at Brandelhow where we had arranged to meet. It was raining when I arrived so tried some close up photography while sheltering from the weather.

Unfortunately the rain started to grow heavier but I did manage to grab this shot looking back along the lake toward Keswick. In hindsight I should have repositioned the branch to fill the foreground.

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