Photos: Daymark Tower

I head down to Devon to photograph the Daymark Tower on the evening of the summer solstice.

The best thing about starting my YouTube channel has been the people that I have met. One the longest day of the year I travelled to Devon to hang out with fellow YouTube photographers Julian Baird and Gareth Danks and to photograph the Daymark Tower.

I started with a fairly obvious shot using the path as a leading line up to the tower. At the time I didn’t like the shot very much. I felt that the path was in heavy shadow and light from the sun setting directly behind my was very flat on the front of the tower.

I then moved about 100 yards to my right. Here, with no path in the foreground I was faced with a much simpler composition and moving just that short distance created more side light giving the tower a much more 3 dimension appearance.

At this point the sun was setting fast so I had to work quickly. Soon my foreground started filling with shadow as the sun dipped down below the hedge row behind me.

I moved another couple of hundred yards further around the edge of the field. Here there was just enough time to grab a quick shot with my lens wide open at f/4, blurring the wheat in the foreground.

At this point I decided to pack up my gear and go and find the lads but as I was doing so I realised that a beautifully soft light was now lighting the tower. I set up my camera once more and grabbed one final shot. I turned out to be my favourite of the day.


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