My Biggest Week on YouTube Ever

With the euphoria of my first week as a full-time landscape photographer behind me it was time to get knuckle down and get on with some work. But completely unexpectedly this week’s video appears to be doing rather well.

Crepuscular rays over Thirlmere

Monday 9th September

Wasn’t able to get out and shoot this morning because of the weather. It was absolutely chucking it down when I got up.

I didn’t make it out until the afternoon. After filming a piece about Instagram for next weeks video I climbed up into the hills above Haweswater.

The light was poor and I couldn’t get the composition I was after to work.

All in all a bit of a frustrating day.

The Canon EOS 350D, Canon EOD 6D and Canon EOS M50 with the Haweswater Reservoir in the background
My photography history – a shot I did for Instagram designed to show my progression as a photographer, from beginner to enthusiast to YouTuber

Tuesday 10th

Climbed Side Pike this morning to get a shot of the Langdale Pikes for an article I am writing for a friend of mine. He is about to launch a new website, all hush hush so I can’t go into details just yet.

Afterwards I headed to Holme Fell. I am running a workshop there with James Burns in November and need to get the details (along with at least 1 good shot) on my website. The light was crap and I came away with nothing.

When I got home I reviewed my images from the past 2 days. As I suspected yesterday was a complete blow out.

The shot of the Langdales from Side Pike that I took this morning was OK but I cropped in a little too tight for my liking.

The euphoria of last week is a distant memory.

Dawn light on the Langdale Pikes viewed from Side Pike
The Langdale Pikes from Side Pike – I feel I cropped in too close in this image. In hindsight I would have liked to have left a little more space around the subject.

My first YouTube video since leaving my job went live this evening. The early signs are good and I could be well on my way to achieving my target of 4,000 views in the first week.

So not all bad then.

Wednesday 11th

A better day with the camera today. I was creating a piece for Twitter that tell the story of my ascent of Raven Crag near Thirlmere.

What a view! I cannot believe I have never been up there before.

It was a great climb, only 250m but quite steep in places. I can definitely feel my fitness improving.

Crepuscular rays over Thirlmere Reservoir
You get an amazing view of Thirlmere from the top of Raven Crag – I cannot believe that I have never been up here before.

I don’t have any phone signal around Thirlmere so I had no idea how well my latest video was doing. I got some idea as I reached the outskirts of Keswick on the way home. My phone started going berserk!

When I got home I excitedly checked the stats. 2,052 views in the first day, a new personal best!

Not just that but it seems everyone has been leaving comments wishing me well. Some of them more than likely from the 45 new followers that have subscribed to my channel.

Things are looking up. 🙂

Thursday 12th

I had to turn my phone off last night. It kept going off with notifications of a new comment or a new subscriber (why is that even turned on?).

I didn’t turn it on again until I was at the top of Arnison Crag. I was filming a video for my Facebook page and generally keep my phone off so that I am not disturbed.

It took over a minute for my phone to catch up with all of the push notifications that it needed to process: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even my website.

Amongst them were messages from my good buddies Julian Baird and Gareth Danks congratulating me on the success of my latest video. Jules pointed out that it had now had 6,800 views in less than 48 hours.

What!? To put all this in context my last video had 2,500 views in a month!

And it’s had over 250 comments. How on earth am I going to respond to all of those?

The comments are largely very positive. People seem very interested to follow my journey which is exactly what I had been hoping for.

I had no light at the top of Arnison Crag but on the way down I stopped to grab a shot of the farm house at the foot of Birkhouse Moor. I think the shot has a great sense of scale.

One to return to perhaps.

The view across Glenamara Park from the lower slopes of Arnison Crag
Home Farm at the foot of Birkhouse Moor. Who wouldn’t want to live here!

Friday 13th

I am feeling rather overwhelmed by the response to this week’s video. It has come as a total surprise that it has done so well.

The combined stats for Tuesday to Thursday are:

  • Views – 15,029
  • Watch minutes – 118,444
  • New subscribers – 1,196 (a 21% increase)

And it is still going. Generally views on my videos will have tailed off by Friday afternoon but this one is still averaging over 250 an hour!

The success of this video has had other knock effects too.

  • Website hits – 1,551 (almost 6 times as many compared with last week)
  • 193 new followers on Instagram (an increase of 13%)

The problem with this is that I am already feeling the pressure to repeat this level of performance next week. That is ridiculous!

Whatever happens next Tuesday is likely to be a huge disappointment that I need to start preparing myself for now.

After my failure at Holme Fell earlier this week I was back again this morning for more punishment. I am nothing if not persistent!

Another promising sunrise snuffed out by cloud on the horizon.

I did get a couple of reasonable shots but they are by no means the finished article. I will be back!

The Langdale Pikes from Holme Fell
The Langdale Pikes from Holme Fell – I still have a lot of work to do before I find my preferred composition at this location.

All in all a bit of a mixed bag.

My YouTube channel has had a boost like no other that I have experienced. This sort of exposure can only be good for my business in the long run.

On the flip side my photography this week has been poor.

Perhaps all the attention that I have been getting has been a distraction. Maybe it has just been one of those weeks.

One thing is for sure however. Next week I am going to have to work even harder.

16 thoughts on “My Biggest Week on YouTube Ever”

    1. Cheers Mark, a great week as far as my YouTube channel is concerned but photographically speaking it’s not been great. This week is going to be better, I can feel it. Particularly Saturday! 🙂

    1. Hi Eddy, thanks mate, I will do just that. The YouTube thing has been a massive distraction this past week but hopefully things are calming down now a little. As for courage I don’t know about that… I actually feel as though I acted out of fear. Fear of getting to 65 and regretting that I never gave it a go.

  1. A great start Chris! I’m sure you’ll experience ups/downs in the coming weeks and months. Celebrate what seems to be a definite overall “up” despite some of the challenging weather conditions and not meeting some of your image expectations. Enjoy the journey. Look forward to the next post.

    1. Hey Miguel, thanks mate. It is the support that I get from you and my other regular viewers that will get me through this. I really cannot overstate just how important it is to know that there are some people out there who are rooting for me to succeed. Thank you my friend.

  2. Well done on those impressive stats, they are well deserved. Just so typical that in week two, the light and weather gives you a natures two fingers in your face. Thats our favourite pastime for you, just so unpredictable. The difference between an epic image, and something for the trash bin – a slight adjustment in the clouds, a little more light from the right angle.

    I would use the wet, miserable poorly lit days to do your admin, comment responses, and even post processing. Unless you have an SD card full of pearlers that you are itching to see.

    I am enjoying this, its great fun.

    1. You are so right Dave. Over the years I have learned to work in overcast conditions. It became quite a feature of my work. But lets be honest, that just isn’t going to sell, particularly to the visitors to the Lake District that I hope will become my customers.

      Moving forward I will start spending the ‘bad weather’ days in the office, I certainly have enough there to keep me busy. But in the meantime I am enjoying the opportunity to get out every day.

  3. Hey Chris, I discovered your work in this same video, and I’m really enjoying so far. Glad you are making it, you are leaving the dream man ahah.
    Keep up the good work,
    Cheers from Portugal

  4. Congrats on the YouTube success. I’m sure it will continue.

    As I said in a YouTube comment, I just returned from a few days vacation in Cape Cod. Though I’ve been an amateur photographer for a very long time, I’ve never tried to make any money on it. I’m actually scared to. Thinking that it would ruin my hobby. But after this most recent trip, I started to think it could be possible. And then I saw your video! I’ll be watching closely. I have a lot of planning to do, but I too hope to one day make the jump.

    I’ve just added your blog to my reader, subscribed to your channel, and will be following on Instagram and Twitter as well. Now – to turn these views into dollars for you – if I hear of any photo jobs in your area I’ll point them to your web site.

    1. Hi Colin, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for subscribing to my blog. I think I am just starting to understand how big a challenge I have set for myself. I wish you luck in your efforts to turn pro and promise to share my mistakes so that you don’t have to waste time making the same ones! 🙂

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