Important Milestones

Every journey is a series of small steps that ultimately lead you to your destination. Along the way you will pass milestones which signal that you are making progress. This week I passed a couple of important ones.

The view of Derwent Isle and Catbells from the beach at Crow Park near Keswick in the northern Lake District

Monday 3rd February 2020

Took the first booking to speak at a camera club today.

I shall be speaking at Copeland Photographic Society on Monday 19th October.

Tuesday 4th

Another important milestone today.

For the first time since leaving my old at the end of August 2019 I paid myself a salary.

It was only a small amount, just 1/4 of what I need to pay myself each month if I am to survive. But as I hadn’t even planned to start the business until March 2020 I see it as proof that I am well ahead of schedule.

Wednesday 5th

Met up with my mate Ian Spicer for a shoot at Derwent Water this morning.

We started at Crow Park, a popular location for photographers but somewhere that I have never shot from before. We had beautiful conditions and I managed to grab a shot of Derwent Isle and Catbells.

The view of Derwent Isle and Catbells from the beach at Crow Park near Keswick in the northern Lake District
Beautiful conditions on Derwent Water; this was the first time that I have ever shot from Crow Park and we were treated to some wonderful colour and near perfect reflections.

After breakfast I interviewed Ian for my YouTube channel. Recent events in his personal life had caused him to take a break from photography.

In the interview Ian shared what he has done to find his way back. The video will be released at 18:00 GMT on Tuesday 11th February.

Thursday 6th

Spent the morning at Windermere close to Wray Castle.

Another location that I don’t know well so I spent some time exploring compositions.

My favourite shot of the morning featured one of the two boathouses that can be found just to the south of the castle. I think there is a lot of potential but on this occasion I feel that I my composition is a little tight on the subject.

I plan to return soon to have another go.

One of the boathouses on High Wray Bay, close to Wray Castle on Windermere in the central Lake District
High Wray Bay close to Wray Castle on Windermere; there is much potential here but on this occasion I didn’t get the composition quite right.

Friday 7th

It was a glorious day here in the Lake District, probably the nicest of the year so far.

However, blues skies are not really my thing so I spent all day in the office catching up on the never-ending admin that we photographers have to deal with.

This included booking my tickets for this year’s photography show, my first as a “professional”.

I shall be there on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March. If you see me why not come over and say ‘Hello’.

Saturday 8th

Had a wonderful workshop at Ullswater and Brothers Water this morning.

I was joined by Steve and Bryan who had a great time and got some good shots despite the difficult conditions.

We managed to stay mostly dry right up to the end when we did get a bit of a soaking.

Wet conditions on a landscape photography workshop at Brothers Water
Bryan and Steve battle the elements at Brothers Water; difficult conditions for photography but the guys both managed to come away with some good shots.

After the workshop I met up with Sam and Hannah Bose who were stopping in Cumbria en route to Scotland.

We met in the pub and had a couple of pints while watching the rugby. England beat Scotland in one of the worst games I have ever seen!

Fortunately the company more than made up for it.

Sunday 9th

Originally my YouTube channel was a bit of a side project for me while I continued to work for Sky.

Since leaving in order to commit to photography full-time it has become more important. That means that there is room in my life for something else.

Today Mrs Sale and I recorded a pilot episode of our new podcast.

Called ‘a more fulfilling life’ the podcast is an opportunity for us to share our experiences of relocating to Cumbria and pursuing our passions for gardening and photography.

It has been a week of important milestones, each one another small step on my journey to becoming a professional landscape photographer.


17 thoughts on “Important Milestones”

    1. Cheers mate – just been listening to the Open Aperture podcast by my mate Mike Molloy. He is always looking for people to record episodes if you ever fancy doing one with me.

  1. Excellent Chris. Congratulations on your progress. The boathouse image is wonderful, excellent scene. I’d really like to find out more about the podcast, gardening is another one of my passions (probably not at the level of Mrs. S. I’m sure) and I’m always looking to improve.

  2. Recognizing your milestones is a great idea Chris. It is smart to look to the future in a series of steps and also, maybe even more importantly, be able to look back at how we got to where we are now. I believe you really have a solid approach as to the way you go about things. Friend, I am 72 years old and you are inspiring me to do something as I watch you on your journey! Look forward to the Podcast.

    1. Thanks Marvin, that is create to hear. At the core of everything that I do is the desire to inspire others to grab their cameras and to get out and experience the world for themselves.

  3. Congrats on the October speaking engagement. That’s quite exciting and I know that you will be well received. Sorry I won’t be able to attend. Seems to me you have had quite a few milestones so far. Keep it up! When is your exhibition? I know that you mentioned it some time ago, but I don’t recall seeing any updates. Perhaps I just missed it. Looking forward to the podcast. I trust you will inform followers when and where to find it. If Mrs. Sale is anything like she is in the gardening videos, I predict that she will steal the show!

    1. Hi Jeff, I am still working on the exhibition. Still currently trying to find a suitable venue. I will update everyone as soon as I have something organised.

  4. I like these diary posts, they show how you’re trying to do something positive for your career every day.

    I hope you’ve been okay in the floods, looked pretty bad in parts of Shap.

    1. Hi Andrew – yeah, we are fine. We have had some problems with the water supply but to be fair to them United Utilities have handled things about as well as can be expected. Bracing ourselves for the next storm due to blow in at the weekend.

  5. Hi Chris our camera club, is always looking for ideas so i thought of you and asked one of the committee to contact you to see if you would come and give us a talk on your journey from amateur to professional. So glad you said you would come and talk to us.

  6. Hi Chris: Congratulations on meeting your interim milestones! You should be very proud of your accomplishments of being able to draw some salary from you new business. The amount isn’t important.

    I really like your image of the boat house at Windermere. As a Canadian, I am consistently amazed on the number of locations in Canada that are names after location in the UK. I grew up on Windermere Avenue in Peterborough. Brings back great childhood memories.

    Keep up the great work on your channel! The development of your YouTube channel is very impressive.

    Regards, Keith

    P.S. Does your wife also have an interest in photography? My wife does and it allows us to enjoy this together.

    1. Hi Keith – I wasn’t happy with the shot that I got at Windermere, I felt the composition was too tight. So I decided to return last week to have another go. Much happier second time around. This is indicative of my approach to landscape photography. I do a lot of self critique of my images and return as soon as possible in order to correct any mistakes I have made. Mrs Sale is not all that interested in landscape photography but as a gardener see is becoming more and more interested in marco photography. I am not sure she will ever love photography as much as I do though, see doesn’t really have the patience! πŸ™‚

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