How Life Has Changed

This week I return home to the area where I grew up and find myself reflecting on how different life might have been had we not moved north 10 years ago.

The sun rising over the Thirlmere reservoir

Monday 21st September 2020

We had some wonderful weather over the weekend so I was keen to get out with the camera this morning.

I decided to head up to Raven Crag overlooking the Thirlmere Reservoir.

It was wonderful to be able to watch the sun rise from the top of a fell on a Monday morning. A reminder of how different my life is now to what is was just over a year ago.

The sun rising over the Thirlmere reservoir
The sun rising over the Thirlmere reservoir from Raven Crag

On the way down I counted over 20 other photographers heading in the opposite direction. They were there to photograph the military jets that were expected to be passing over the reservoir that day.

Tuesday 22nd

I want to improve on my woodland photography this autumn so went to Borrowdale this morning. I took the path the lead through the woods to Kings How, an area I had been planning to visit for a while.

When I reached the top I was surprised at just how bad the light was.

I have been very lucky with the conditions recently and have been expecting my luck to run out. But this was some of the worst light that I have seen for a long time.

I reminded myself that a morning on the fells is never a morning wasted. Despite returning to the car empty handed I still enjoyed myself.

Terrible light on the top of Kings How
At the top of Kings How – it is very rare for me to get light this bad!

Wednesday 23rd

I am planning to take a couple of days off this week when we head bad to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire (where I am originally from) to see family and friends.

Loosing 2 days from your working week when you are self employed does cause issues. Somehow you have to make that time up.

So today I spent all day in the office trying to get ahead of myself.

The need to produce a constant stream of content for my various social media channels keeps me busy when I no ‘proper’ work to do. I estimate that at the moment I spend 75% of my time marketing my business and only 25% actually generating an income.

Ultimately for my business to succeed I need to find a way to even that up a bit.

Thursday 24th

This evening was my webinar on Filters for Landscape Photography.

Over the last few months these webinars have become an important part of my business. They are a unique opportunity to interact directly with people.

As with a lot of businesses mine is heavily dependent upon my ability to build relationships with people. My strategy has always been to make myself as accessible as I possibly can.

I am looking for more and more ways to reach people in person, not just through sharing content through my website and social media.

Friday 25th

Today we took the 4 hour drive from Cumbria to Buckinghamshire.

With the coronavirus crisis the roads were a lot quieter than we have experienced before. That being said it was still a lot busier than we are used to.

The growth of the population in the south east of England was one of the biggest motivations behind our move north nearly 10 years ago. Whilst it is always a pleasure to be reunited with friends and family we never regret our decision to move away.

Saturday 26th

This morning I had the opportunity to explore some of the locations that I used to visit when I first started photography back in 2006.

I met up with my good friends Gary and Simon and spent a happy couple of hours wandering around the reservoirs and the Grand Union Canal close to the village of Marsworth where we lived when I was at school.

Once again the conditions were not in my favour, it was a little bright, but sometimes there is more to life than photography.

I was great to spend some time reminiscing and catching up with old friends.

The Bluebells Restaurant beside the Grand Union Canal near Marsworth
The Bluebells Restaurant on the towpath that runs alongside the Grand Union Canal near Marsworth. I would regularly cross this lock gate on my walk home from school having spent my bus money on sweets! 🙂

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  1. Your insight given on Wednesday about 75% marketing and 25% actually generating income is an awareness that a lot of really good photographers fail to realize. Recognizing and acting on that truth is a key to success. I started to follow you on YouTube shortly after you started full-time in professional photography. My friend, you have made it through six months of the toughest business economy and while that alone takes some doing I believe you have come through this situation much stronger. I think that what you have done and are doing when faced with these conditions is a lesson you have taught to me and all your followers.

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