The gear that I use for landscape photography

Landscape Photography Equipment

I purchased my current camera back in November 2015 and have been assembling the gear that I use for landscape photography ever since.

At the moment I use Canon cameras and lenses, Lee filters Kase filters and a Benro tripod.

The gear that I use for landscape photography

  1. Camera – Canon EOS 6D with Benro LPC6D l-bracket
  2. Standard lens – Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L
  3. Wide angle lens – Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L
  4. Telephoto lens – Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L
  5. Filter holder – Lee Filters Foundation Kit with Landscape Polariser and Front Holder Ring
  6. Filter pouch – Lee Filters Field Pouch containing 0.6 and 0.9 soft and hard edge ND grads
  7. 6 stop ND filter – Lee Filters Little Stopper
  8. 10 stop ND filter – Lee Filters Big Stopper
  9. Tripod head – Benro B2 ball head
  10. Shutter Release – Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control
  11. Wide angle adapter rings – 2 x Lee Filters 77mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring
  12. Standard adapter ring – Lee Filters 67mm Adapter Ring
  13. Tripod – Benro Mach 3 TMA48CXL
  14. Backpack – Mindshift Backlight 36L (not shown)

Kase Filters

In September 2020 I was invited to join Kase Filters as a pro partner. Since switching to Kase I have been impressed by the toughness and colour neutrality of their Wolverine series of filters.

If you have any questions regarding Kase Filters please contact me using the form below.


Vlogging Equipment

I started my YouTube channel in May 2017 and purchased my current vlogging camera in May 2018. I currently use Canon mirrorless cameras, Røde microphones and Velbon tripods.

The gear that I use for vlogging

  1. Camera – Canon EOS M50
  2. Lens – Canon EF-M 15-45mm
  3. Variable ND filter – Gobe 49mm ND2-400 Variable Filter
  4. Microphone – Røde Video Micro
  5. Wireless Microphone – Røde Wireless Go
  6. Tripod head – Velbon PHD-41Q Panhead
  7. Tripod – Velbon Ultra LUXi L