Diary: 2018 Week 27

Meeting up with other photographers, releasing my first ever IGTV video and the early mornings start to take their toll.

Monday 2nd July 2018

Last week I received an email in from another photographer inviting me on a shoot. This has started to happen every now and then but I often find myself having to decline; I am not sure everyone understands just how busy I am or how precious my time at home with Helen is.

However, on this occasion I decided to accept the offer, mostly because the shoot will be mid week and close to where I work in Scotland.

I have wanted to meet up with some of the people who watch my videos for some time and so I am very excited to finally be able to do just that!

Tuesday 3rd

I released the ‘Summer Solstice’ video that I shot when down in Devon with Julian and Gareth at lunchtime.

Julian, Gareth and I released our videos at the same time. The early signs are that mine is not going to break any records. I’m blaming the World Cup!

It is interesting to see that the view counts on all three videos are pretty even with Gareth pulling out a slight lead and me lagging behind Julian.

Wednesday 4th

Views on yesterday’s video are still very low but I have pulled away from the other two.

I really don’t understand – who is watching my video and then not watching their’s? Their videos are so good – far better than mine in my opinion.

YouTube. I just can’t figure it out.

Thursday 5th

I made the decision to leave Britain’s Talent earlier in the week. The group was set up in order to share other people’s images on Instagram in order to promote their work and I joined last year just before starting my YouTube channel.

With all the work that I have been putting into YouTube and now IGTV I felt that I couldn’t give it the attention that it deserves any more. I wish them well.

Friday 6th

I was up early for a shoot at Haweswater this morning. Was shooting a video for IGTV in which I was trying to take a photograph to tell the story about the dry spell that we are having.

Once I was back home I released my first ever IGTV video. It’s early days, too early to tell how things might unfold, but I remain optimistic.

In the evening I popped over to Burton in Kendal to meet up with David Dixon who is up staying with his sister. I was collecting a print that I have bought off of him to hang in my ‘rogues gallery’; a collection of photographs by some of the guys that I have met since starting on YouTube.

Saturday 7th

I think all these early mornings are starting to take their toll. I was absolutely knackered last night so I decided not to go out and I also treated myself to a lie in this morning.

I took the opportunity to have a day away from photography and feel much more motivated for tomorrow morning’s shoot.

When I get back from tomorrow morning I have to head straight over to Halecat where I am shooting some stills and a short video about the open day at Abi and Tom’s Nursery.

Sunday 8th

I’ll be out all day on Sunday, I’ll fill you in on how I got on next week…

2 thoughts on “Diary: 2018 Week 27”

  1. Hello Chris,
    I empathize with how your time is precious. Keep it precious. There are fulfillments in your personal life and they must come first. That is who you are at the core. I had in my work life a great deal of clot and power, prestige and reputation that somehow got placed in front of the home fires. It happens slowly. The insidious nature of becoming good at what you do is that although you can do good for others you can be beat down emotionally and drained physically by the obligations you acquire. It is a slippery slope balancing the two. I am no expert but I have been in such a quandary.
    You know how to slow down to do photography, pulling in the reins and not trying to get iconic shots when intimate is more rewarding. Try to stay intimate with yourself more than assuming responsibilities for the “wants” of others no matter how well-intended they may be…including me and my package sent to you. Prioritize may mean not looking at other people’s work or collaborating. Time passes by and is a commodity we never possess but can only use for the people and pleasures that enrich our lives.

    Take care of Yourself,

    1. Thanks Bob, great advice as usual. I can be difficult to get your priorities right, I know I often get them wrong. The worst thing is the frustration that comes from not creating when I am supposed to be spending time wife and then the guilt I feel for not giving her my full attention. If you think it’s difficult to be a professional photographer you should try being an amateur!

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