Diary: 2018 Week 24

Shooting with my mobile phone, going with the flow and continued problems with my foot.

Monday 11th June 2018

Not only do I have my car back, all fixed and working, but my foot seems to be on the mend too.

It’s great be mobile again. I hope that I have managed to ride the storm and that things are going to start to get a bit easier from here.

Because I haven’t been able to do as I would normally I am very nervous about how the videos that I’ve created over the past week.

Tuesday 12th

I was up at 03:00 to drive over to Glencoyne on Ullswater to shoot the sunrise with my mobile phone.

No I haven’t gone completely mad, it’s part of a collaboration I am doing with Julian Baird to see if our mobile phones can get close to matching our DSLRs for quality.

Whilst the shots that I got looked OK on my phone I was surprised at just how poor they were once I got them onto my computer. Needless to say I won’t be giving up the 6D anytime soon!

Wednesday 13th


Thursday 14th


Friday 15th

Been in Leeds with work for the last couple of days with no chance for any photography. Looking forward to getting out at the weekend at some point.

Saturday 16th

No actual photography today, instead I spent most of the day in front of my computer catching up with all those tasks that build up when you are a photographer – responding to comments, organising social media posts, etc.

Sunday 17th

I was hoping to go for a hike in the hills above Grasmere but my foot is still not better so instead I jumped in the car with no plan and just went with the flow.

It was fun just to see where I ended up but I am not sure that the images that I got that day were very good.

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