Diary: 2018 Week 23

Sam and Hannah Bose pop up to the Lakes for the weekend and I have a go at macro photography for the first time ever.

Monday 4th June 2018

I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore foot. Don’t know what that’s all about but it’s quite painful.

Tuesday 5th

My foot seems to be getting worse if anything. It’s really quite swollen now.

Wednesday 6th

This is starting to worry me now. On Saturday Sam and Hannah Bose are supposed to be coming up for the weekend and we are due to climb Catbells together. At the moment I’m struggling to climb the stairs!

Thursday 7th

No sign of any improvement in my foot. Worry is now turning into mild panic.

Friday 8th

There is no way I am going to be able to climb Catbells tomorrow, I can barely put any weight on my foot at the moment. I have spoken to Sam and we have hatched a new plan.

Saturday 9th

Great day with Sam and Hannah. I wasn’t able to climb Catbells with them but I was able to hang around at the bottom and even grabbed a few nice shots.

A little bit of drama at the end when the two of them nearly missed the boat home.

Sunday 10th

Still not able to get out into the National Park with my sore foot so I tried a spot of macro photography for the first time ever.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

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