Diary: 2018 Week 21

Lee Filters finally come good, my thoughts on ‘pointless comments’ and I nearly get blown off of the top of High Rigg.

Monday 21st May

Finally got round to watching Mali Davies’s vlog from the Northern Photography and Video show at the Rheged Centre here in the Lake District.

I think he missed his calling as a TV journalist, he always get’s the big interview. It was Thomas Heaton at the Photography Show at the NEC and this time it was Adam Gibb all the way from Canada.

I think Mali is going to be great on YouTube if he sticks at it – tonnes of personality and you just can’t buy that!

Tuesday 22nd

My ‘1 year on YouTube’ video was released this evening and I have had a wonderful response with lots of people commenting and sending me their congratulations. The vote to keep the selfie is also going well so it looks like it will be a feature of my channel for the year ahead.

One comment that I received that was a bit negative was that I don’t do enough for the community. It suggested that I arrange some meet ups in the lakes (4 a year) and show some of my subscribers my favourite locations.

It is something that I have considered but I think I would struggle to commit to 4 times a year with so much of my spare time being taken up with my channel.

Wednesday 23rd

I saw a brilliant video by Mark Denney about the impact that Instagram has had on landscape photography.

In a typically thoughtful piece Mark points out that many of the positives are also it’s negatives – for example it is easy to share your images with millions of people all over the world but for that very reason it is also almost impossible to get noticed.

I agree with everything he says and I am so impressed by the quality of the video that I think he should do more of this sort of thing.

Thursday 24th

I arrived home tonight to find a package from Lee Filters. In it was a new landscape polariser that they had sent to me to make up for the problems that I’ve had with my one.

I am glad that they have finally put the problem right but I do wish it hadn’t taken them so long. I will be pleased to put the whole episode behind me.

Friday 25th

Last night I posted a photo that I took at Kelly Hall Tarn on social media and it received a comment on Facebook which simply said “Nothing special”.

I understand that criticism goes with the territory but I will never understand what motivates someone to leave such a pointless comment.

Nothing winds me up more than someone sniping from the sidelines – someone who isn’t prepared to put themselves or there work out there preferring to try to pull down those of us that do. What a dick!

Saturday 26th

I was up at 02:00 this morning to climb High Rigg in order to shoot Blencathra at sunrise. Unfortunately things did not go to plan.

It was so windy at the top I could barely stand up. I was literally clinging on to the tripod for dear life.

None of the shots that I got where any good and neither was the video but it is definitely a location with potential so not entirely a waste of time.

Sunday 27th

Yesterday’s disaster left me without a video to release next Tuesday so I had little option but to rise before dawn again today.

This time my destination we Tewet Tarn, a tricky little blighter to photograph, where I planned to shoot the commission that I gave away as a prize in last week’s video.

It was incredibly winding again this morning but I am really impressed with how the Canon M50 and the Rode VideoMic Micro coped – it’s great to finally have confidence in my videography gear.

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