Diary: 2018 Week 20

1 year on YouTube, a run in with Lee Filters and my first impressions of Skylum Luminar

Monday 14th May

My YouTube channel will be 1 year old very soon so it’s time to start planning my anniversary video.

I need to make some decisions about the future of my channel which has prompted me to ask myself the question what am I – a photographer, a YouTuber or a content creator (whatever that is)?

After much toing and froing I have finally decided that I am a photographer. Now that is clear it should be much easier to determine the direction of my channel moving forward.

Tuesday 15th

Released my ‘Be a Better Landscape Photographer’ video this evening.

Early signs are very encouraging, views seem a little higher than usual but I won’t know if it is going to do well until it’s been live for 24 hours.

If it YouTube get hold of it and start pushing it on suggested videos it could be my best one yet!

Wednesday 16th

There have been lots of comments on my latest video and a lot of people seem happy that the selfie is back.

To be honest I cannot decide if I should bring it back or not so I have decided to put it to the vote.

When I release my 1 year anniversary video I am going to have a poll on Instagram. If I get 100 votes I will resurrect the selfie and keep it going for the next 12 months. If I do not then I will kill it for good.

Thursday 17th

I had a bit of a conversation on Twitter with one of my subscribers about the poor customer service that I have received from Lee Filters regarding my landscape polariser.

It is far too tight and when I originally contacted them about it there response was basically “fix it in your own time, at your own expense”.

Anyway, Mike tagged them in the conversation and they have contacted me saying they will help me sort out my problem. I’m not holding out much hope but it can’t help to respond and see what they suggest.

Friday 18th

It’s been mental health awareness week this week and I have once again found myself looking for opportunities to get involved and promote the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle and creative pursuits such as photography.

I have been watching David Dixon’s channel for a while now and it has always struck me how much courage he must have to share his own experiences so openly. I am not sure I could ever open up in the way that he does.

I have found myself wondering if I too would have had problems if I did not have photography and my YouTube channel for help me escape the stresses of my job.

Saturday 19th

I was at Kelly Hall Tarn this morning to film my ‘one year on YouTube’ video. I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

Looking back it is clear to me that I have been too focused on making the videos and as a result the standard of my photography has suffered.

Moving forward I am going to be much more focused on my photography and telling the story of my efforts to capture the beauty and the drama of this wonderful landscape.

Sunday 20th

I was recently contacted by Skylum to see if I would like to record a video featuring the RAW editing software Luminar.

Today I finally managed to find time to install it and my first impressions are mixed.

It seems to be very powerful with many more features than Lightroom but at the moment (and I’ve only had the briefest of ‘plays’ with it) I doubt it is a direct replacement. I need to spend a bit more time getting to know it…

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