Diary: 2018 Week 18

Syncing audio, catching up with Dave Hirst and my new vlogging camera!

Monday 30th April 2018

I’ve started to edit the video that I shot on Saturday with James Burns.

Because we used an external mic I had to sync the audio and video using Davinci Resolve and then import into iMovie which is a right pain in the arse.

It’s probably is time to start thinking about moving to a new video editor.

Tuesday 1st May

Tonight I released the “develop your style” video that I shot with John Haswell.

To be honest I am not sure how it will do but it is already ranking highly in search so hopefully it will pick up a few views in the longer term.

I shall keep an eye on it and will be keen to see how it is doing after a month or so.

Wednesday 2nd

I had a brief with chat with Dave Hirst over messsenger this evening. He’s taking a break from vlogging while he sorts out some health issues so it was good to catch up to hear how he’s doing.

He might not be able to get out with the camera at the moment but he’s using his time wisely and learning to play the piano!

It must be frustrating not to be able to get out and indulge in your passion but he seems to be making the most of the situation and I admire him hugely for that.

Thursday 3rd

Started to edit the photos that I shot at Holker Hall on Sunday.

There are some nice enough shots there but it’s clear that my 9 year old S90 is starting to show it’s age. It’s still a great little camera but in the bright light it has really struggled to capture some of the tones, particularly in the reds.

Perhaps it’s time to look for a new compact shooter…

Friday 4th

This afternoon I picked up my new vlogging camera – a Canon EOS M50.

Since starting YouTube I have always compromised on my equipment but as I near the end of my first year vlogging, with no plans to quit any time soon, I have decided it’s time to invest in the future of my channel.

With a mic input, fully articulated screen, dual pixel autofocus and image stabilisation not to mention the option to shoot at 50 frames per second the M50 should do me for a couple of years at least.

Saturday 5th

I was up at 02:00 this morning to drive over the Grasmere and climb Loughrigg Fell (in the dark) for a collaboration that I’m working on with Julian.

I also took the opportunity to shoot a piece for Simon Burn who is pulling together a video asking a number YouTube photographers the question “why do you vlog?”.

Some people might think is strange that I go to so much effort to produce content for other peoples channels but I just like try different things and support the other members of the community.

Sunday 6th

Today weather has been too good for photography; blue skies and bright sunshine does not make a good photograph.

But I am not complaining.

With the winter that we’ve had some warmer weather is very welcome indeed and a great excuse to take a break from photography and recharge the batteries a little.

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