Community Participation

This week I embark on the largest mass participation project that I have ever attempted. The question is, will anyone join in?

Close up of bark, lichen and moss

Monday 27th January 2020

My buddy Steve Bennett was in town (so to speak) so with a promising forecast we climbed up into the hills above Ambleside.

We made our way to the view point over looking Windermere. When we arrived it became obvious that luck was not to be on our side as a large bank of cloud obscured the horizon.

This never bothers me all that much. There will always be another sunrise and with the pressure off it is an opportunity to explore new compositions.

The view of the Fairfield Horseshoe from Loughrigg Brow
The Fairfield Horseshoe from Loughrigg Brow – there is potential here but I need to find a way to close the distance between the foreground and the background. Time to crack out the telephoto?

Tuesday 28th

The weather forecast was not good for this morning but I headed out regardless.

I found my way to Yew Tree Tarn and spent a little time exploring, looking for potential intimate compositions.

I was struck by the textures of bark of some of the trees. I actually heard myself saying out loud “That is beautiful!”

What has become of me? 🙂

Wednesday 29th

I spent a fantastic morning with Jay Spencer who had hired me for a 1-2-1. I took him to some of my favourite locations on Ullswater.

Jay is unlike anyone I had ever worked with before. He worked at a feverish pace that is uncommon in a landscape photographer.

That is probably because he isn’t. Jay is actually a fashion photographer. The 2 disciplines are almost as different as it is possible to be.

When we were finished shooting we spent a happy hour chatting over a coffee. Jay is a fascinating guy. I am already meeting people that I could never have expected to meet had I not left my old job.

An unexpected bonus.

Thursday 30th

It was finally time to get back in the saddle. To have another crack another crack at intimate landscapes.

I headed back Yew Tree Tarn to finish off filming a video about the latest book by Ross Hoddinott and Mark Bauer. 52 Assignments: Landscape Photography.

After grabbing a shot of the bark that I spotted earlier in the week I spent some time experimenting with closeups of a nearby stream as the water tumbled over some submerged rocks.

The shots that I came away with were my favourite intimate shots so far. Maybe I can do this after all?

Intimate shot of moving water
Closeup of a stream passing over submerged rocks. One of my favourite intimate shots so far.

Friday 31st

My video about 52 Assignments: Landscape Photography is due to go live tonight.

Jules and I are hoping to inspire people to grab a copy of the book, try out an assignment for themselves and share the results with us.

I am always a little nervous that when we try something like no one is interested.

Saturday 1st February

It seems my concerns were unfounded. Within 24 hours of releasing the video we already had 2 responses.

This is a relief.

Sunday 2nd

Another 3 responses from people wanting to take part in 52 Assignments: Landscape Photography.

If you are interested you can see the first 4 here.

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