2019 Calendar

Last year I started to produce a calendar featuring my best images from the past year to give to family and friends as a present at Christmas. Here are the 12 images that I have selected for my 2019 calendar.

At the end of last year I created my first calendar which I gave to family and friends as a Christmas present. This year I am doing the same.

From the 12 images below 10 will be selected for my portfolio. Help me to decide which images will make it through by letting me know which is your favourite in the comments section below.

Chris, December 2018


The pine trees on Tarn Hows
The Pine Trees on Tarn Hows


Catbells from Strandshag Bay


Reeds on Bassenthwaite Lake


Calm on Isthmus Bay


Haweswater and the Hand of Man


Tewet Tarn and High Rigg


Sunrise over Glencoyne


Dawn over Blea Water


Otterbield Island


Ashness Jetty


The Lone Tree of Buttermere


The Unnamed Tarn at the Summit of Haystacks

9 thoughts on “2019 Calendar”

  1. All of these are fantastic, Chris, but after looking at them three times, I’ve concluded that January (The Pine Trees on Tarn Hows) is my favorite. There’s just something about the shape formed by the trees and their reflection.

    1. Thanks Theresa, I like that one too. Only problem is that it has already made it into my portfolio because I shot it in December last year. So essentially only one will be cut and at the moment I have no idea which one it will be!

  2. Well done Chris, I have been doing friends and family calendars for 10 or 11 years and I was wondering about doing a book of all the images (for me!).
    It may be my monitor but all of you images look a bit on the dark side, except the last one, which is my favourite. I spent a very happy afternoon there one time – set off with Haystacks hidden in cloud and as I walked up the path the cloud base lifted and the summit and tarns were all in the clear. Instinct told me not to set off, but I was really glad I did. No camera at the time, and before the days of cameras on phones!

    1. Thanks Steve, I hope the images are not too dark – I sent them off to the printers yesterday! Fingers crossed they’ll be OK, last years calendar certainly was. Of the 12 images I want to select 10 for my portfolio for 2018. The first one went in for 2017 so I only have to exclude 1 and at the moment I have no idea which one. Haystacks is a great climb, really technical though, I wasn’t expecting that for such a low fell. I didn’t get much time to enjoy the views from the summit as we arrived just before sunset and then had a long track back to the car, mostly in the dark.

  3. Jan, Apr, Sept for me Chris.

    Looking at all your images, it’s clear you have established your own unique style, from the way you compose your shots through to the way you process them. I personally think establishing one’s own style and approach is essential to progressing as a photographer.

    Your passion for your craft is certainly driving you forward, improving continuously, and It’s great to watch 🙂

    1. Cheers mate, that is very kind of you to say so. Certainly I am very conscious of trying to develop my own personal style so I am pleased at least you have picked up on it. 🙂

  4. Really nice collection of photos Chris–should make a great calendar.

    For me, the December Tarn/Haystacks shot is great–cool and calm tarn with a warm glow approaching in the distance.

    I’m also partial to the September Otterbield Island tree. I really like those shots that isolate objects with light against a darker background.

    I think that it’s pretty easy to look at this collection and say that they belong to the same photographer. To me, your style is very “natural” and faithful to the landscape. I don’t know how often you do long exposures, but I love shots of calm water that are not taken using an ND. I try to look for those opportunities whenever possible.

    I am curious about the calendar printing. I know there are services aimed at hobbyists that produce decent results, but nothing like a proper printshop. How involved is the process for you? How many do you print? What is the cost? Thanks for posting.

  5. Outstanding selections and images. I’ve worked hard in 2018 to improve my photography and you have been a fantastic resource. I know my previsualization, camera technique, and final results have resulted in significant improvements this year and I am starting to truly believe in my skills at a new level. I’m excited for 2019 to gather one good image a month in my local area of Baltimore, Maryland.

    1. Hi Paul, I am delighted to hear that your photography has improved this year. It makes it a lot more fun if you are able to produce results that you are happy with. Having confidence in your ability is so important as a landscape photographer. I try to get 1 good image a month for my calendar; then at the end of the year I select just 10 to go into my portfolio. Are you going to produce a calendar of your own for 2019? If so get shooting now. You want to get them off to the printers by the end of November so you need to bag your December image this year! 🙂

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